Vintage Planters

My little vintage collection started with this pink cat planter:

And then I got her a blue friend:

And after those, I kept buying more. I can't remember how I got into buying them exactly. The idea of having my own little thing... a garden of cute, maybe? I filled some of them with succulents for a while.

Pink lamb with a cart.

Baby elephant with a flower, which inspired this doodle:

And there's more!

Another lamb! I really love the flower design on this one. I actually wanted a blue flower one but couldn't find one at a more affordable price at the time.

Just everything about this is perfect.

And I found a matching kitty! 

Interesting clown-ish bear (?) design haha... I like the embossed details.

This was one of the more simplistic pony designs I found at the time, thought it was unique!

I keep thinking how awesome it'd be if they still made these sort of designs. I can't quite find anything like these in stores, either just regular pots or basic handmade sort of types.

If you want to get some similar looking vintage planters, look up brands Enesco, Napocoware, & Replo on Etsy! Or stalk some instagram vintage shops, usually found under #vintageplanter or #vintagejapan. I can't think of any in particular because I had to unfollow them a long time ago so I'd stop spending so much money ;)

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