Denim & Floral OOTD

It is my goal to become healthier, flexible and toned. I'm giving myself until my birthday so that's a bit over five months! I have gained 25 pounds in the last two years thanks to yummy drinks. I want to get into better shape because I always die while working out for small periods of time.

Floral Crop Top & Jacket

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I started Tuesday and might have done a total of 20 minutes worth spread out throughout the day. I'm on Day 3 of being sore. All I'm doing is stretching and walking around. In the past I have pushed myself to do a couple of days of those 30 day challenges but I can't walk afterwards for like a week LOL

I really want to focus on measurements rather than weight. If I'm gaining more weight because I'm building muscle then yes. AWESOME. I used to have some baby muscles when I was younger. Now I'm a weak baby that can barely hold bags of heavy groceries. I'll like to cut out meat and diary eventually. I'm not sure how possible it is for me to do without dairy though :( I'm going to focus on veggies and fruit then gradually get there.

Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket

jacket- charlotte russe
top- gojane
skirt- gojane
shoes (not pictured)- diy fox
sailor moon pin- gift
other pin- adieholly
This whole outfit is new (went a little crazy during Black Friday) GoJane had some cute crop tops and bottoms for around $2. I'm ready for the summer heat. Wish there were more winter clothing out though. I'll probably scoop up some sweaters on sale when seasons change.

Just tried out Punky's Turquoise for the first time! It was surprising how dark it was and how LITTLE dye I actually used since I mixed conditioner in. Normally I would use Ion Brights Aqua but I wanted to try something new. My camera really doesn't pick up my purple ends at all! I need to mix more red in it since it's a blue based purple haha.



I got an order for two headbands! I used Red Heart for the black and purple. The teal is Wool of the Andes Yarn from KnitPicks! I started with 10 chains for these and did it a bit differently just to secure it into place :)  Surprisingly how I don't have much teal yarn.

Bow Headband Pattern

Jacket- Forever21


I love Tell 'Em Steve Dave and I've been listening since about two years ago. So excited to get my hands on Cryptozoic Man ever since I have heard about it! I love the artwork. Can't wait til I read more.

Flower Hexagon Bag Crochet Pattern

The Flower Hexagon Bag crochet pattern is now available for download! It's a great project to use up leftover yarn. You need approximately 3 yds of main color, .5 yds of contrasting color, and 5 yds of second contrasting color per hexagon.

The pattern includes written instructions, chart, diagrams, and photos. PDF has 5 pages.

Download PDF

Materials & Tools:
 Worsted weight yarn
♥ E/3.5mm crochet hook

Hexagons are about 3" (7.6cm) across between the points and each straight side is about 1.5" (3.8cm). The bag is 10" (25cm) wide and 9" (22.8cm) tall, excluding the straps. Results will vary depending on your tension and your yarn & hook choice.

I also made a Pinterest board for some color inspiration. Check it out for some ideas!

I've been working on pink & yellow ones:

If you make this bag, don't forget to share it on Ravelry or post it in the comments so we can all see! :)


Jellyfish Amigurumi Pattern



It's now up on Ravelry!  Read more for the pattern :)

Worsted Weight yarn
G or D hook
Polyfill stuffing
15mm or 18mm safety eyes
Weaving needle

Magic ring.
1.  6 single crochet into ring. (6)
2.  increase around (12)
3. "Single crochet, increase" around (18)
4. Single crochet 2 times, Increase" around (24)
5.-11 Single crochet around. (24)
12. "Single crochet 3 times, decrease" around. Single crochet in the last stitch.  (20)
13-17. Single crochet around. (20)
18. Single crochet once.
"Hdc 6 times in the next stitch, skip the next stitch,  Single crochet in the next 2 sts" around.
Single crochet in the last stitch. (50)
 Start stuffing and cut a short tail.

Magic ring
1.  6 Single crochet into the ring.
2.  Increase around. (12)
3.  "Single crochet, increase" around. (18)

Hold up the piece FIRST underneath to line up with the hole.  I like it to be small because then it'll lay flat.  If it's too tiny, then do another increase round. Leave a long tail to attach around the very bottom of the 6 HDC's.

Then cut a long tail to attach it.

TENTACLES: Make 6 or 7
1. Chain 30.
2. Skip one, single crochet across.
3.  Chain 1, skip one, single crochet across.

I always attach one tentacle in the middle and then two on each side. I turn it around and attach another across the middle one to make sure it lines up. There was enough space on mine to add a 7th one :)


Red to Teal Hair Without Bleaching

The red was still pretty bright and seemed impossible to go from red to green/teal without bleach.   All I could imagine was this muddy color but it came out mostly fine.

Be prepared that this method is super drying. I grabbed one of those protein deep conditioner treatment packets.  I also didn't dilute the baking soda that much, probably a super great idea for others to do that :P

1) Mix clarifying shampoo and baking soda into a paste.  Left it in and wrapped up my hair for 30 minutes. It actually took out most of the color.

2) Crushed up Vitamin C supplements and mixed it in with clarifying shampoo. Left it in for 40 minutes. Color still came out!

*Baking soda opens up the hair follicle and you'll need to reduce the pH/seal it with a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

3) Repeated another baking soda paste for about 15 minutes.

I mix apple cider vinegar and conditioner together. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse out. If you hate the smell like me, you can use shampoo and do a conditioning treatment afterwards.

I chose Ion Bright's Teal as a base color.  I ordered Punky's Alpine Green and it came to me in a few days. Quickest shipping ever for the impatient me. :3  It covered all the uneven, dark and blonde pieces!

It would come out much lighter and brighter with freshly bleached hair but it's still awesome and bright enough for me. It's crazy how much color was taken out using these fading methods. My next color will either be Special Effects Fishbowl or Punky's Atlantic Blue or Apple Green :D

You'll get much better results if you do this method and lightly bleach your hair! :)


Watermelon Scarf Pattern

I'm super late with posting this! I made this back in May, took photos and wrote up the PDF for it but never took final shots of it. Can you tell I am super amused by this heat??   I thought I was smiling but apparently not haha. This is my crocheted watermelon scarf. I made one forever ago but I love this one so much more! It has two buttons on it so can either be worn like a scarf around the neck or have it loose around the shoulders :)

Or well, it can be watermelon cape. That works too!

I'm not sure if I would list this as a beginner project. I put together a PDF with pictures to help guide you :) You can download it here .

K, 6.50mm hook
Pink & Green Worsted Weight Yarn
Sewing Needle 1 or 2 Buttons & Matching Thread
Black felt & Matching Thread


Row 1 in Pink)
Chain 3. "2 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc" in the last chain. Chain 3 and Turn.

Row 2)
2 Dc in the first st.
Chain 1. "3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc" in the ch-1 space hole.
Chain 1, 2 Dc in the last st.

Chain 3, Turn.

Row 4) 2 Dc in the first st.
Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 space leading up to the top.
Chain 1. "3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc” in the top point.

*Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 spaces* til the end.
Chain 3, Turn.

Repeat (Row 4) 11 (eleven) times. Start each row with a chain 3.

Switch to Green.

Row 1) Start with a Chain 3. 2 Dc in the first st.
Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 space leading up to the top.
Chain 1. "3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc " in the top point.

*Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 spaces* til the end.
Chain 3, Turn.

Repeat (Row 1) 5 (five) more times.
Cut. Weave in all ends.

All you've left to do is cut out small ovals and sew your seeds onto your scarf!

Sew a button or two on the top section of the green.


Ion Brights Review (Red)

Ion Brights is an inexpensive semi permanent dye. It's around 5 bucks for a whole tube. You don't mix developer with this! It's all ready to go.  The dye isn't all that creamy by itself. It's much easier to apply if you mix a bunch of conditioner in it. It will dilute it but as long as you don't see a drastic change of color in the mixing bowl, it'll pretty much be the same color. Probably start off brighter :)

I love that I could spend $15  for 3 of these tubes compared to Manic Panic's $9-$13 per jar. I ended up using a tube and a half for my whole head!  This color bled out every time I washed my hair (no shampoo!) and while it didn't stain my face or fingers as badly as other dyes, it definitely stains sinks.  Have a soft scrub ready or be prepared to bleach yo sinks.

I read other's experiences first and a couple of people said that you should leave this dye in for at least 3 hours. Most of these semi permanent dyes have instructions that say to leave it in for 20 minutes but NEVER do that. More is better in this case. Sometimes the color needs hours to take in and hold. Remember you could always leave veggie dyes in and wrap your hair up overnight for a wonderful bright surprise. Other times you may need a second dye session to get the results you want.

The red started off as this gorgeous dark color.  In a matter of a few days it had faded on it's own. Basically it got brighter without being shampooed, wet or hanging out in the sun.  In under two weeks I had that hotpink hair.  Redyed the red a couple of more times and experimented with/without conditioner washes but it always faded at the same rate. It's not a completely bad thing since you still get a vibrant color, it's just not the dark red that I wanted!

I personally prefer red dyes that fade on the orangey side.   So this dye gets a 3 out of 5 from me. It's still a pretty good dye for that awesome brightness and if you prefer that pinky red, then this color is for you. You'll have two colors in ONE!  This may be considered a cheaper alternative to RAW's Ruby Red but this is definitely a brighter pink.  I don't know if it fades anything beyond that since it stayed bright for me.  I wonder if it can go pastel or peachy?

What's your favorite red dyes? 

I think mine will always be Loreal's Hicolor :D


How to Design Your Own Amigurumi

This is a basic step by step guide on how to create your own amigurumi. I have plans to make amigurumi design progress videos soon since some people learn better from those.

1. Crochet Basics

Practice getting your tension/gauge just right. Use different yarn weight and hook sizes to find what is best for you. You need to make sure your stitches are even and tight enough that stuffing isn't showing through.

Being familiar with your gauge can also help you decide what yarn weight and hook size to use to create an amigurumi of a certain size.

Practice single crochet, working in front loops only, working in the back loops only, increasing, decreasing, working in rows, working in spiral rounds, and working in joined rounds.

2. Basic Shapes

Look up how to create basic shapes. Following an exact pattern isn't necessary, you just need to understand the construction.

For example to make a sphere or circle: You need to increase evenly around until it's about as wide as you want it to be. Then you crochet even (just single crochet rounds, no more increases) until it's a few rounds from the height you want it, and then you decrease evenly around.

3. Sketch Your Ideas

Now it's time to get your ideas on paper. Your sketch will need to be simplified to basic shapes that you can crochet. Keep note of how big you want it to be, colors, materials/techniques you'd like to use, and such. I recommend drawing it out on another piece of paper in the size you'd like to make it so you can use it as a reference as you crochet along.

4. Advanced Techniques

After you figure out what you want to make, you might want to add in a special feature that may require using a more fancy stitch. Look up more complex stitches and advanced techniques such as tall stitches (double crochet, treble crochet), decorative stitches (popcorn stitch, surface crochet), color changes, and embroidery.

5. Crocheting Your Prototype

Start crocheting up your idea. This is just a test so it's okay if it's not 100% perfect or you're not exactly sure what you want. You can redo it later and make modifications to your pattern. Experiment, do deviate from the norm, and you'll be designing your own amigurumi in no time.

Made in June 2013.


SpringFever VoxBox 2013

What's in the VoxBox:
Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant $4.59
NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm $2.99
Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure $5.99-$7.99
Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Gelastic $18.00
Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes $4.49 per box

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure:

The sizes are more small nail friendly! The box says: it lasts up to a week, no drying time and easy removal. Some of the nails you may need to trim a piece sticking out. All of the nails are rounded except for those square thumbs. :(

Basically these can't hold up for normal everyday things. You NEED glue. I have no idea how you're able to do anything and try to keep these nails on. I was EXTREMELY gentle and that was really inconvenient when you have things to do and places to go.

The thumb nails popped off a few minutes after a quick hand wash.  I had these on for 4-5 hours and by the end of the night, I only had FOUR remaining. It wasn't as originally sticky when trying to press them back on. This really should have came with glue but then it couldn't be labelled as an easy removal. You can peel these off themselves, you don't need nail polish remover soaks or anything.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Gelastic:

I'm super bummed that I got the gel. I have really long hair, what am I going to use gel for? :P   It's generally icky, sticky and gives crunchy waves.  But let's give this a shot anyway.

The bottle says you can use it on dry and damp hair!  This product smells great and has a good consistently. It's not too sticky.  I only used a little on dry hair, gave it some texture and looked somewhat fuller/thicker. 

I used it lightly on damp hair to hopefully define waves/curls but once it had dried, it was pretty disgusting and hard. It felt greasy and weighed down! Immediately had to wash it out. :( This product will work best on shorter hair lengths that want texture and a strong hold.

3 stars only because it's too much of dry icky textured feel for my liking to use it regularly.

Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes:

I don't really like chocolate anything and gave this to the boyfriend instead! He said it was pretty good but messy.  I can imagine this turning to moosh if you leave it out in the sun. Even then squishy gooeyness is good!

NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm:

I received Big Apple Red.  What I love most about this lip balm is that it's a sheer red.  It smooths out my lips, gives it a little color and smells yummy! It's cheap so that means I can get more colors :3  It's my favorite lip balm now.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant:

I'm VERY picky with deodorant. I honestly don't care about white streaks or if there's a fragrance:  I just DO NOT want to sweat.

I prefer using clear antiperspirants that actually does it's job!  This gel is clear and actually stays that way. I love the smell too! You can twist it out easily and it doesn't take forever to dry.  I hate gels that stay wet/gooey.   No more problems with that.  :D 

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