Manic Panic- Rockabilly Blue Review

5:01 PM

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manic panic rockabilly blue
I've been Rockabilly blue for the last three weeks or well, trying to be! >:( This is such a GORGEOUS color. I am in love with it but it doesn't feel the same way about me. Honestly, I'm used to and don't care much about color bleeding until this baby came along. This dye is a PAIN IN THE BUTT.
manic panic rockabilly blueI know better now and use gloves to wash my hair. It's a must otherwise you need to have blue nail polish at hand and avoid touching anything because you'll leave blue fingerprints everywhere that may or may not come off.

manic panic rockabilly blue
I've only gotten my hair wet once because of how awful the rinsing process is. You have to be extra careful to keep your hair far away from your body or you'll turn into a Smurf! I can't even imagine how it'll be if I used shampoo. Does it strip the color out as much as it bleeds?

manic panic rockabilly blue
I'm disappointed at how this dye doesn't last at the roots. This photo shows ONE day after it was dyed. It's a much lighter blue and turns green soon. No showers or sun. :(

manic panic rockabilly blue
I've dyed my root area four times in the last few weeks but it's not holding up. Like I said this is a super gorgeous dark blue but this basically sucks if you use it on a full head of hair. Staining is practically not worth it. You can't wear any light colored clothing unless you're prepared for a blue collar. I have stained my friend's bathroom, walls and my exams at school were covered in blue fingerprints. :(

I've tried Punky's Atlantic Blue once so for. Let's see if this is better!




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