Dark hair to Ariel hair using Loreal hicolor Red/Magenta

My adventure to red hair awhile back. It's been a few months since this post.

Warning: Lot's of pics! This was over a year ago and Google basically generated no pictures of the actual dye on hair. Just bottles or tubes of dye. I decided to document the process and results I get!

Products for Bleaching:
Salon Care Prism Lites
Clairol Professional 30 vol developer

The whole process took longer than expected. Apparently, I have thicker hair than someone thought while they were bleaching it :)  I rushed to wash it out and planned to bleach the top the next night for 30 minutes considering it wasn't left on long enough.

I rocked this look for a few days since Loreal hicolor (for dark hair only)  require to be mixed with a developer.  A protein conditioner did an amazing job on restoring the condition.

These dyes go fast in Sally's so I had to make do with what was on the shelf!

I mixed two tubes of Magenta, 1 red and 1/2 of Hot Red.

Test strip with 20 volume developer. Looks pretty!  I decided to go and use 30 volume developer for the rest.  I also put Manic Panic's Electric Lava and Electric Banana in some pieces.

It's pretty intense in the sun!  A while afterwards I wanted to do all over red without damage.  The reason why I chose Raw's Ruby Red because it's pink based and that way if it faded, it would go on the pink side rather than orange. At the time didn't know if it would match or not but it's actually quite a good dupe for Loreal hicolor Red & Magenta.

Here's my setup!

Bleach with clarifying shampoo mixed in to take out the bright yellow!

Salon Care Prism Lites (violet)
Clairol Professional 30 vol developer
RAW's White Out toner (not sold separately)
Suave Clairfying shampoo

Equal parts of bleach and developer with 1.5 shampoo + 0.5 of water for dry hair.
(2 parts shampoo for damp)

You can either measure it or just wing it. While this is more gentle than bleach alone, I left it on for 25 minutes because I was a wuss.

Tested Ruby Red on freshly bleached roots and on my bangs for 40 minutes. If you like that look, keep it! I applied again for 2 hours. Oh, hair doesn't have to be white for either of these dyes. It can be a lighter yellow.

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