Hair Adventures Part 2

If you missed the first roundup, then here's a link to see my first hair colors. I'll start listing off the dyes I've used in the past.

Blue Velvet topped off with leftover RAW Deep Purple.

These dark dyes are AMAZING. They seem to last forever even when I put lots of conditioner in the dye. Darker dyes last longer because sometimes it could go on practically "black" then fades out to a vivid color then goes faded/dull.

Note: Purple -based blues go on dark and take a while to fade out bright. Green-based blues are lighter and will fade out to green quicker like Punky's Lagoon Blue.

Ion Brights Red.

My first experience using this brand! I was so excited to use a bright demi dye from Ion. It's around $5 in store compared to those $12+ jars of Manic Panic. I wrote up a full review. :3 Highly recommended!

Salon Color
I don't know the exact brand but it was such an awesome red done by my friend, Emma! Ion Brights faded to this hot pink.

Ion Demi 3RV Burgundy Brown

My favorite burgundy color!  This color looked dark brown and red in brighter lighting conditions. It lasted a few weeks before it had faded to the previous bright red. It really helped blend my overgrowth.  I think I had about 4-5 months worth of dark roots. /lazy

Special Effects Burgundy Wine
Even though Ion was a Demi dye (just deposits, no need for the developer), I still prefer just using semi dyes! Burgundy Wine came out to be a purple-toned red on me and I used it to touch up the fading root area. It was pretty good.

Special Effects Blue Velvet over red

Diluted some Blue Velvet to get this result on the ends. It came out to a very dark purple that had to be shampooed to lighten.  Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Bleached slightly

I wanted an ombre but didn't want too much damage. I did a diluted bleach bath. I actually liked the peach but the pink only got brighter instead of lightening up.

Ion Brights Teal

I faded the previous red out using this method and used this teal on top of it. There were uneven sections but a redye fixed that up. I used a brighter green dye pictured below.

Punky's Alpine Green
I'm surprised at how well this dye covered the icky bits. It's such a pretty green on top. I couldn't decide if I wanted to dye it all green or go a blue teal. I love them both!

 I'll love to do more dye reviews in the near future  My hair seems to hold color so well that I'm not sure if I should write up reviews because an average person's color lasts around 4-6 weeks while mine could go on forever. ~Curly Girl Method for life~

Timestamp: 5/13/2014

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