Ombre Hair & Leather Skirt OOTD

Sweater: Thrifted, H&M // Skirt: eBay // Belt: Forever21 // Leggings: Thrifted // Bangs: Damnation Hair 
It's only been four months and I've changed my hair color FIVE times. Why is it impossible to stop? I actually would love to do a red & blonde ombre but I'm steering clear of bleach for as long as possible.  I had a nearly full bottle of blue dye leftover so this is my temporary ombre! I'm hoping this settles my impulsiveness haha.

I have wanted a skirt like this for months but only at the right price.  I thought I could probably find one for under ten bucks.... AND IT HAPPENED!! Now I just need a leather jacket.  Busty ladies can wear those, right? That's what is stopping me from getting one.

There's a bunch of lakes where we live that you can't go swimming in. I'll always prefer lakes. Who wants to be swept away by waves? Not me.  Last weekend we finally went to one and I snapped a couple of photos.   The only thing we didn't like were those weeds covering most of the sand. It's all prickly weeds with spike things.  Plus there's no shade and only a couple of small trees so far away from the actual water :|  NEXT!?

Happy Thursday  ♥

How to: Photograph Amigurumi & Edit in Photoshop

 You will need white paper and natural light preferably near a window. :)

I placed paper down on my bed and stacked a couple of sheets against the wall then put the amigurumi in place. I took these photos around noon when the sun hits my window. I am using a 50mm lens at low f-stop and low ISO since it was bright.  Bump up the ISO depending on your lighting condition.

If you have a continuous mode, use it!

Canon 7D & 50mm 1.4. Settings: f/2, 1/80, ISO 100

1)    Crop out any distracting edges. If you have any lines you can select the brush tool & hold down CTRL to sample a color to paint over. That doesn't need to be perfect since we'll be brightening up the background next.

2)    Merge down. Duplicate your layer. Go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness/Contrast and bump up the Brightness 50+. There we go!   If your amigurumi is too bright, select a layer mask and use a black brush to paint it back.

3)    If you feel that your amigurumi is too dark now, you can select a white brush and adjust the brush opacity settings to around 50%. Paint over your amigurumi to brighten it up.

OPTIONAL: Sharpening your image.

1)    Go to Filter> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask and find the settings to fit your image.

Now it's complete! I save the high resolutions then afterwards resize at 700px as png's for posting on the web.

Before & After Comparison:

How to remove those random fuzzies or hair for close ups:

1)    Duplicate your layer. Select the healing brush tool at a small size. Select a nearby area by holding down CTRL and clicking.

2)    Paint over it! Usually this works. Sometimes you'll need to use the clone stamp tool.

That's it!

You don't need a super expensive camera to do this. ♥ Just white space and good lighting.

Canon Rebel XS & 15-55mm, Settings: f/5, 1/40, ISO 400

Canon Rebel XS & 50mm 1.8, Settings: f/1.8, 1/200, ISO 400

Samsung Galaxy S3 + Front camera. Settings: f/2.6, 1/68, ISO 80

Happy Wednesday &heats;

Blue Galaxy OOTD

Little Bit by Lykke Li on Grooveshark

Wig: eBay // Dress: Forever21 // Leggings: GoWithGalaxy // Boots: Doc Martens // Plugs: Plug Club

My newest addition to my slowly growing wig collection. It's shiny but it doesn't matter to me. I missed blue hair and this is so perfect! I'm in love with this color and how soft it is. I thought I couldn't get away with fooling people with this one but it had worked.  "Whoa, Crissy! For a second I had thought your hair was blue..."

I never thought of using a foam board as a backdrop. Might be fun to do a couple of lookbook style shoots this way. These are test shoots. I'm surprised how bright these came out to be in such a dim room! I finally ordered a wireless remote the other day. Don't know what took me so long! I'm hoping it arrives this month.

Eevee decided to sit model with me in a couple of shots. Such a cute calm puppy.. for once!

Our three year anniversary is today! I never thought someone could know me so well. To listen and actually remember the random comments I make on commercials like EDIBLE ARRANGMENTS. Who wants roses when you can get an edible bouquet? Yummmmm! I hate chocolate, actually. With strawberries that becomes the exception but what makes this so good is that it's white chocolate.

 Surprise visit ✔ Ballooooons✔ Strawberries ✔ WHITE chocolate strawberries ✔

My birthday is in a month! I'm not sure if I want a dinner with friends, usual hang out or adventure. Or all of the above. Or a date night. Hmmm!

Have a good day everyone. ♥ OH! No idea how much longer GFC will stay so let's connect! Follow with Blog Lovin' or G+.

Cute Finds 015

This is pretty cute. Reminds me of those cat face flats that I've been seeing all over the web! Makes me want this dress for summer. Sunglasses, makeup and hair included, please!

Adorable.  Radiant acrylic reflects pretty colors. 

Have you checked out The Perfect Pear Designs yet?  Lauren's design and choice of colors/fonts put together such a cute layout. I love the vibrant pop of colors in the background & floral piece in the header.

Mint Bag
Who else admires these teeny bags from afar? My bags need to carry several balls of yarn, camera & pretty much everything else haha.  The fact that it's mint makes me want it more!

Vintage Black Velvet dress
I've always loved velvet as a child but I've never worn it since. This would be the exception. It's a beautiful fit and has that lovely lace collar.

Deer Pastel Shirt

Gimme cutesy deer tops!  I saw this on tumblr which means too late, sold out :( I do love the skirt she's wearing and her pastel hair.

My favorite color! Is it too late for knit beanies? NEVER. Ready for summer beanies!

ANOTHER DRESS YES. This is my favorite by far. The floral pattern and bottom print are amazing. Who took this picture?

I'm close to getting rid of all my jeans but these inspire me for some fun DIY projects.

TOO beautiful. 

My friend shared this video with me. I love it!

by Isabella Morawetz, *imorawetz on deviantart

Isn't this insane? There is a super high res available for viewing on deviantart and you can gush over the details from there. Very beautiful work!

What have you found lately? Share with me!

Squittle Amigurumi

Most of the Squittles were sold out! Isn't that crazy?! :) We started out with many amigurumi in the shop and now barely had anything ready to ship! I've got a couple of custom requests in person that has been slowing my update down.






There are THREE new designs!! The long squid, octopus with round tentacles & the baby squid. :D  I'm really loving the brighter green. Is there any other colors you'll like to see?

If you own a Squittle, then this is for you!