Cute Finds

A thousand wants for this beautiful print.

Seriously want this adorable thing but my bank account screams no for now :'D

Obviously, I'm into Halloween too late.


Mermaid Shell Headboard

I've been super into Sailor Moon and Pokemon lately! I want it all. Good thing I'm too broke from gift shopping to be able to buy anything else for myself because I'll just hoard it. :(

What's your favorite?


Launching our new store!

My goal was to make the website for our handmade shop, Tiny Moon! Everything is mostly up. Some pages need some extra information and the rest of the products will be added very soon :D I'm really into the simple layout and yassssss that slider!


Rainbow Blossom Shrug

I started on this a few months ago using 2 different colorways of Red Heart Unforgettable Boutique yarn. This project originally began because I wanted to see how this motif would look like in a rainbow-y yarn and then it just became a shrug. Good for spring when the weather can't make up it's mind.

I got this purple cat brooch from Pony People and wasn't sure how to use it until now. (I need to incorporate crazy cat lady in my designs somehow!)

Since I've been designing more wearables, I'm slowly starting to buy more of the fancy yarns you can get at Michaels (and Knit Picks). It can be hard to justify the cost sometimes but there's been times where I really liked a pattern just because of the fancy yarn. I generally don't splurge on other things (except food because I love you food) so why not yarn every once in a while?


Inversion Hair Growth Method

I've been growing out my hair for a year now. I did a routine to speed up the process and my pictures are 6 weeks apart in the image below. It was noticeably thicker at the ends but I wanted to try something else: THE INVERSION METHOD. I heard about this method from Halima months ago and tried it once but the oil took out most of my color so I stopped :(  It's 7 days so why not now?

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