Sewing: Geranium Dress

Since it's time for baby sewing mode, I looked for a simple baby dress pattern available in multiple sizes and found the Geranium Dress pattern by Made by Rae. The pattern has various options which are a huge plus. You can make it in a top or dress length, with a gathered or pleated skirt, with cutout neckline, side seam pockets, patch pocket, and it even has a couple of sleeve options.

I made the dress in View A in size 0-3 months and decided to go for the most basic options by skipping the sleeves, notched neckline, and the patch pocket. I also didn't apply interfacing to the button plackets because I wasn't completely sure if I would be using buttons, snaps, or velcro.

I stitched everything by hand rather than using a sewing machine so I could work on it wherever I went. It was still a relatively quick sewing project.

I used Two Daughters Cotton Fabric in Purple Bloom Allover  as the main fabric with a pink fabric quarter from Joann's for the lining. I did velcro for this one with decorative buttons on the outside.

Sewing velcro by hand is not fun. The kind I used had a sticky backing and I broke 2 needles from trying to put the needles back in my pin cushions after the sticky residue wouldn't come off of them.

For this one, I used Keepsake Calico Cotton Fabric in Pink Flamingo for the main fabric and a purple fabric quarter from Joann's for the lining. I didn't want to sew velcro in again so I figured I'd try doing button holes for the first time. Mostly because I didn't have any snaps in a large enough size.  It didn't completely come out bad. I think it looks neater than the velcro stitching.

I only printed out the pattern pieces and the instruction summary sheet so I didn't have the rest of the pattern's step by step photos to use as a reference while sewing. It probably would have made things easier if I did though. Despite this not being my first time sewing a dress, I still get mixed up on the order of things sometimes especially when sleep deprived.

The only thing I really found tricky was sewing the lining over the waist seam. I think I've only done that with one pattern before so I haven't had much practice. I don't know how people get it to look so nice! I also tend to back stitch when sewing by hand because it's somewhat faster and easier for me to get the stitching to look good (at least on one side!)

I'm already planning on making more of these but in larger sizes~!

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