Billion Dollar Brows Review

Billion Dollar Brows
Billion Dollar Brows products

I wanted to try out this on the little eyebrow I have and see the lasting power of it all together. Billion Dollar Brows contains a universal brow pencil, smudge brush, concealer & highlighter pencil and brow gel.

First I used a primer then applied the brow pencil with hair like strokes. The pencil can be applied lightly for blondes and you can build it up for darker shades.  I used the concealer around the whole brow to clean it up. The only thing this kit is missing is a sharpener haha.

Brows brush

The brow gel smells like kid's bubbles bottle. I actually like that haha.  I used the brush from that to help smudge the whole brow since I lack those long/unruly hairs. Brow pencils are a product I normally steer clear of.  I am surprised to say that this actually stays on longer than my dipbrow/gel liners. I wake up looking like I grew them in overnight and I only need a touchup.

The smudge brush was mainly used to blend the line of the outer brow. I applied the concealer and highlighter with it too after cleaning it off. The color is lighter than what I normally wear and  it does  have a more natural appearance.
Brows  Before
Brows After

I never thought a kit would work on me but I'm sold! This kit will be available in Kohls 
starting October and will be priced at $34.99.

A huge downsize of this kit is that the concealer is only for light skin tones. I hope there's another box with darker shades. I think the "universal" brow pencil shade is okay. I don't think this can get past a medium brown but lighter brows on dark hair really soften the face anyway.

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Fall OOTD + #CraftsHour

top & bag- instagram | skirt- charlotte russe | belt- thrifted | sleek makeup- pout paint in pin up

I finally own a smaller bag that's like the Tardis. Winning! I got annoyed with having to carry my phone in my hand all the time since I don't have real pockets on my pants.

It is officially Fall. Looking forward to layering up, the cold weather and being lazy. I fall asleep so much easier in the cold but I always want to sleep in for an extra hour. I already know it's going to take me awhile to adjust to that.



I came up with a Twitter chat for small business owners and crafts. It's nothing too specific and it's open to everything handmade. Of course, there will be some self promotion but I'll love to go beyond that and have a conversation started about business, sharing techniques/tips or even full tutorials and just getting to know the community.

The hashtags for crafts are really saturated with self promotion, let's get to know the person behind it, how they got started, why they love it, share share share, etc.    I'll love a co-host to manage the twitter page, email me if you're interested! I'm thinking of starting it on Thursdays in a few weeks.


Cute Finds


My favorite pin from this shop has to be Ron Swanson. ♥

Miss-A-Ree Guts Creations

These are so cute! I'll love to wear a pastel necklace :D

ivonna buenrostro

I read this in Felix's voice haha. If you haven't seen Orphan Black, you should try out an episode or two. It's crazy and awesome! Felix is one of my favorite characters on it :)

I love this!
WTF Plugs

You have no idea how much I wish I could wear these! I'm really considering stretching my ears larger just to wear cute plugs.

Addie LaDawn

I need to build a collection of rings.

These are so awesome. Click the link to view MORE stickers.

@hikapudayo wearing Swankiss

I love this whole look especially her hair ♥

Bunnie Buns Shop
There's too many things I want in this shop!


LOVE! These leggings are the best quality ever. This is so sturdy and light.. I'm able to wear it out in the heat without dying. The colors are so vibrant... you can see me wear the moon crisis ones here.

golden ponies

Handmade oxfords in pastel colors. There's also a brown duo and black/white. Love!!!

Doll Eyes

I really liked this daisy collar that I saw on @littlebodybigheart and inspired me to come up with my own. That price tag is woah.

Sara's In Love With...

I love her necklace!! If you're looking to follow a pastel cutie then here you go!! :)
What have you found lately?


Sunset Smokey Cat Eye EOTD

Sunset Makeup using  Coastal Scents 252 palette

Nikkie shared one of her youtube tutorials on twitter and I got pulled into her sunset smokey cat eye look! Hopefully over time, my makeup will look more polished and less of a mess in person. My brushes are definitely too big for my small eyes. It's hard to get a small line with those! I love that she's able to blend her eyeshadow out beyond her brows, I don't think I have enough space to do that on me. So sad! I have a feeling it'll look wrong.
Sunset Makeup

I used primer potion and NYX's milk for an extra pop. All of these colors are from the Coastal Scents 252 palette. It's not easy to find a good vibrant yellow but I tried out her tip from the video and layered it. I used a light shimmer yellow then placed the brightest yellow on top. It worked!! Since this look was a bit crazy, I decided to wear these huge thick lashes.
Sunset Makeup

These shots were taken with my boyfriend's camera, the Rebel XS! The quality is noticeably different to my eyes but it's really just the grainy parts... at least I can get some close up shots. :D


STYLE: Lace Collar Floral Dress

Vintage Floral Dress
dress- instagram | shirt - f21 | necklace - gift | shoes - thrifted

I've already worn this dress three times before taking pictures.  I really love it!  It actually ties in the back and still looks great without wearing a corset.  The lace and floral are so pretty. I'm having a tough time saying no to floral pieces. Can't. stop.

It's finally Friday and now that I've gotten a number of things done, I don't know what else to do with the free time.  It can be anything since I'm not procrastinating and I'll have no regret! haha

Vintage Floral Dress Pastel Lilac Lavender Blue Hair
Vintage Floral DressVintage Floral Dress

Last weekend I decided to work out during the weekends. (Noooo.)  I really want to build up strength more especially in my weak baby arms. I want to become more active during the weekends and be less of a lazy hermit lady. So I have thought about picking up hiking again. We used to do that but walking uphill  for 1 hour was horrible and I was always out of breath. I'm sure I can do better now. This reminds me I still need to get my film developed from a hike!    What are your plans for the weekend?

You can find a few floral dresses from The Braided Bandit with pretty collars ♥


Corset FAQ

Finally.. it's here! I'll update this if more comes up. I always respond to questions on Instagram but then it piles up on Tumblr and emails. Much easier to link back to a post rather than type up an essay every time!! ** I can only recommend Orchard Corset because it's the only brand I've used. **

Are you wearing a waist cincher and can you work out in it?

I don't wear latex cinchers but I've seen some people wear those and work out in it. If you want the body modification then you must buy a decent quality steel boned corset. Not a latex "corset", not a fashion corset or anything with plastic boning.

When did you start corset training?

This was back in January of this year.

Where did you buy your corsets at? 

I currently have only owned Orchard Corsets. I wear the CS 411 because I'm barely 5'2" with a torso of around 10" or 11". It was under $70 with a coupon code so it's really inexpensive in comparison to other brands.

What corset would you recommend for me/my measurements? 

Orchard Corset has AMAZING customer service and they can help you choose a corset to fit your measurements/height. You can use the contact form on their website :)

How does your body look without the corset? 

My silhouette only looks extreme while I'm wearing it. Your body goes back to normal when you take it off. It's not permanent. Wear it for long hours and long term, you will notice your waist cinched in slightly.

Have you lost any inches yet? 

I noticed I had lost an inch from my waist within 3 months. Now I range in between 1 or 2 inches with the corset being off for 10-15 hours.

How many pounds did you lose? 

Zero. Some people drop a few pounds or more just from changing their eating habits. A corset compresses your body and this could make you feel full quicker than normal. You also have to drink more water to stay hydrated.

Are you doing the corset diet?

Nope.  This video on it is great.

What is your process like? 

I season the corset within 2 weeks and wear it for 6-8 hours then more. I tighten it after 30-60 minutes depending on how I feel. I never over-tighten because I want comfort. One day I can cinch down a lot and the next, I'm too bloated and don't want to push myself.  I also don't tighten as much as I can handle and wear it like that for 1 hour. I'll rather work my way up and be able to wear it for longer periods than one hour.

How long until you can see results?

It's different for everyone. I saw a small difference with my waist within 3 months. That was wearing the corset for at least 10 hours 5-6 days a week. I began my little fitness journey at the end of June and I feel that gave me a boost in appearance

How do you breathe in it?

Like normal. The corset doesn't compress your lungs ;)

Can you sleep in your corset?

You can if it's comfortable to you. I personally don't find it to be.


How do you have time to waist train?

I'm self employed so I work at a desk most of the time. I would recommend  waking up early or waist train in the afternoon for 1-2 hours while you season. The corset will form better to your body and also look+feel less stiff. It will be much easier to conceal underneath clothing.

How do you hide your corset from showing? 

There's several ways you can hide your laces. Youtube has a ton of videos on that. I found it much easier to hide my corset when I went down a size. With my first size, you can see the edge of the corset in tight clothing. Wear something slightly loose and just put a belt over it.


You can read more about corseting and brands on Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and Lucy's Corsetry


Sailor Moon Hats +

There's this fence of blue flowers in my neighborhood. I was originally going to go somewhere else for photos but thought this looked so pretty instead. The sun is already setting hours earlier so I might just have to set up some shoots and hopefully get some pictures with the glow & sunflares!!

Here are some new hats with knitted bows! I prefer the bulky bow look compared to the flat crocheted kind. Almost makes me want to knit the whole hat but seems too much drama for a noob! I already have some sketches for new designs.

I have been working tons lately and slacking in other areas but.... great news!

Bella went to the vet recently because her seizures are becoming more frequent and we were curious whether to increase her meds again. We also wanted to know if she was healthy because her appetite increased and you can actually see she's gained weight. She already got the "needs to lose a few pounds" before and after her surgeries. She's actually healthy! It's all good.

I managed to chop my debt in half quite quickly too. Thanks to a busy week with my design shop! It's crazy her surgeries and meds cost over $3k. Why can't this sort of thing be more within the range of somewhat affordable? ha I'll soon only have a chunk left to pay off and I can start saving up for my boyfriend's present! (No hints either, I'm watching you.)


eShakti Dress Review

eShakti Dress
eShakti Dress
dress- c/o eShakti | belt- thrifted | shoes- thrifted |  necklace- handmade

eShakti offered to sent me an item to review. I've heard many things about them and wanted to try it out for myself! They are an India based clothing company that offers customizable pieces at affordable prices. That is something I'm really interested in since I'm short and my measurements are in between sizes.

Shipping was super quick to the US! It arrived in under a week with DHL (international shipping) and the delivery guy rang the doorbell 15 minutes before 10pm. Surprise! haha Their shipping charges seem reasonable for the US and Canada. Anywhere else will have a percentage fee.

This is a dream dress but in pink. Just kidding, I chose this color myself and I actually like it!  I really love the quality of it. It's very beautifully made! It surpasses the quality of my other dresses in comparison. I've never had a dress lined before and if you haven't either, you are missing out. These also have pockets and you have the option to remove them on some dresses, but why would you??

eShakti DresseShakti Dress

The alternations I chose were adding on short sleeves and knee length for my barely 5'2" height. This particular dress doesn't seem to be available on the website anymore but there is another dress with a scalloped trim here. eShakti seems to have a limited stock of their dresses so if you see one you like, you better scoop it up.

eShakti Dress

Two things though...

I've lost an inch from my waist from corset training but I STILL sized up the waist measurement. I tried it on and it was a tad tight in the waist even with having ruched elastic in the back. It wasn't an uncomfortable squeeze but it did hug my belly pouch.

The second issue was the seam at the bust and at the back tore slightly down the center. It's a minor problem since I'm able to stitch it up quickly.

Overall I really like it especially the fit. Wear it with a corset and it's all good. I recommend you have someone else measure your shoulders if you go custom sizing! I think I could have done without an inch but that's my fault. Though it doesn't look bad having it slip down the shoulders slightly.  If I need a pretty, fancy looking black dress in the future, I'll be ordering from them! I prefer fitted clothing with lengths for shorties.


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