Favorite Logo Designs for Fiverr Clients

It's been a while since I posted because things keep coming up! I'm trying to do so many things. Here are some logos I created for clients via Fiverr since my last logo post. I usually create 2 or 3 ideas for them to choose from based on the information they provide. 

Sometimes I'll get clients that know exactly what they want down to the font, hex codes, and layout. However, I'm usually only given a basic idea such as font style or colors they like or even just their blog or website URL and then I have to come up with a concept based on what I think would work best.

Here are some of my favorites:

I love this one because it's so simple yet adorable because of the brush style font and the tiny heart!

This logo was inspired by Lolita Fashion, elegant and cute with lots of pink and a scalloped lace design.

Another simple design with hand-drawn wings & a lovely brush font in a blue, purple, and pink gradient.

Another scalloped design but with a simple vector hamster & house design.

A simple watercolor bee with red heart wings. During the concept stage, I like to go with the font style originally requested and sometimes I'll take a chance and add another variation with a completely different font... Turns out the client loved this one for a square format!

I haven't worked on logos in about a month or so due to my busy schedule. I'm working on my amigurumi pattern book, the www.AmigurumiBox.com website (which is like a pattern marketplace and more), trying to write my novels, crochet for fun, and blah blah blah. I had to put my gig on hold. I was thinking about moving from Fiverr to my own website eventually... but the Fiverr order system is so convenient. 

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