Cute Finds

1) Pegasus Jacket: This is awesome. It took a couple of keyword searches to find a link with *more* pictures!The downside of finding pretty things over Tumblr.

2) I love Corgi Butt: On my wishlist, of course

3) Teacup Full Of Puppies Brooch: There just isn't enough puppies on this blog. Or brooches.

4) Love, Teacup Kisses: Cute stickers! I love this one and the retro rockabilly cutie :D

5) We All Shine On Print: This would be cute for a space themed playroom!

6) Daisy Collar Clips: I'm already looking at some collar clips.. and these pastel blue flowers are perfect!

7) The Strawberry Lover's Bracelet: This is one of my favorites in the shop! The chocolate and vanilla bracelets are pretty cute as well.

8) Dragonair: Isn't that amazing? It looks so well made. There's tons more Pokemon in their shop and even Neopets! The Eeveelutions and Blastoise are worth checking out.

9) Egg Crop Top: I noticed the egg trend awhile back and it's nice to see it pop up again.

10) Ring Pop Brooch: This is pretty cute! I haven't had Ring Pops in SO long!

11)SugarTownStudio: One of my favorite polymer clay artists. I love seeing Vanessa's creations on instagram. Each cutie is made individually.. and it looks incredible.

12) Mungo Crafts: DIBS. I wish I could get this one. So perfect.  You can see the one I got here. It has the best fit for a hoodie.

Happy 1st of December!  :D


Vulpix Amigurumi

Vulpix has always been part of my huge list of favorite Pokemon.  You can't just choose one! haha I don't know why it has taken me so long to even make one.  The head was actually done months ago but a mix of projects and procrastination got into the way. I saw it sitting in my camera bag looking unfinished and pathetic. It became top priority!

I plan to make more Pokemon but keeping the size small like this.  I can't imagine doing another monster size like my Eevee. Definitely adding Ninetales and all of the Eeveelutions to the list!! I'm going to make a Vulpix just for me and turn it into a keychain. I could only fit 5 tails on it though.  I want to improve on the arms and legs.. maybe an extra stitch around?

Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi
Check my shop link since I'll make more soon! 

It's always fun to crochet pieces but assembling/sewing the pieces can take so long haha.  What Pokemon would you like to see next?


Cute Finds

1)  TheTinyHobo: This made me laugh. I love it!

2)  WeepingGrove: I like aliens and UFOs.. this necklace is pretty awesome
3)  ji ji kiki: This is adorable! There's not enough dark colored cutie foxes :3

4)  The Kawaii Machine: How cute is this skater dress? The bats are my favorite part!!

5)  Kelsea Echo The perfect ring for Halloween! Pastel brains :D This is one piece from the Sparkle Skull collection! Use "CRISSY10" for 10% off!

6)  HelloHarriet: I'll love puppy faces on all my nails! lol You can click the link to view the other dogs.

7)  Lisa Barbero: A cute lemon illustration! These colors are so pretty together. Save $5 on purchases of $20 with "ICDEADPPL".

8)  ColorTheoryShop: I wish I could own this! I have had my eyes on pastel plaids for awhile. I need all the pretty skirts.

9)  Sugar And Vice Designs: For you mermaids~ Lavender is becoming one of my favorite colors these days!

10)  SimplyNo: Want! I didn't even notice it was high waisted.. what a plus :D

11)  Hanaletters:
Really into the geometric look of this fox brooch!

12)  Love, Teacup Kissess: If you need gifts for your friends for the holidays, here you go! Adorable mini sketches :D


Cute Finds


My favorite pin from this shop has to be Ron Swanson. ♥

Miss-A-Ree Guts Creations

These are so cute! I'll love to wear a pastel necklace :D

ivonna buenrostro

I read this in Felix's voice haha. If you haven't seen Orphan Black, you should try out an episode or two. It's crazy and awesome! Felix is one of my favorite characters on it :)

I love this!
WTF Plugs

You have no idea how much I wish I could wear these! I'm really considering stretching my ears larger just to wear cute plugs.

Addie LaDawn

I need to build a collection of rings.

These are so awesome. Click the link to view MORE stickers.

@hikapudayo wearing Swankiss

I love this whole look especially her hair ♥

Bunnie Buns Shop
There's too many things I want in this shop!


LOVE! These leggings are the best quality ever. This is so sturdy and light.. I'm able to wear it out in the heat without dying. The colors are so vibrant... you can see me wear the moon crisis ones here.

golden ponies

Handmade oxfords in pastel colors. There's also a brown duo and black/white. Love!!!

Doll Eyes

I really liked this daisy collar that I saw on @littlebodybigheart and inspired me to come up with my own. That price tag is woah.

Sara's In Love With...

I love her necklace!! If you're looking to follow a pastel cutie then here you go!! :)
What have you found lately?


Sailor Moon Hats +

There's this fence of blue flowers in my neighborhood. I was originally going to go somewhere else for photos but thought this looked so pretty instead. The sun is already setting hours earlier so I might just have to set up some shoots and hopefully get some pictures with the glow & sunflares!!

Here are some new hats with knitted bows! I prefer the bulky bow look compared to the flat crocheted kind. Almost makes me want to knit the whole hat but seems too much drama for a noob! I already have some sketches for new designs.

I have been working tons lately and slacking in other areas but.... great news!

Bella went to the vet recently because her seizures are becoming more frequent and we were curious whether to increase her meds again. We also wanted to know if she was healthy because her appetite increased and you can actually see she's gained weight. She already got the "needs to lose a few pounds" before and after her surgeries. She's actually healthy! It's all good.

I managed to chop my debt in half quite quickly too. Thanks to a busy week with my design shop! It's crazy her surgeries and meds cost over $3k. Why can't this sort of thing be more within the range of somewhat affordable? ha I'll soon only have a chunk left to pay off and I can start saving up for my boyfriend's present! (No hints either, I'm watching you.)


eShakti Dress Review

eShakti Dress
eShakti Dress
dress- c/o eShakti | belt- thrifted | shoes- thrifted |  necklace- handmade

eShakti offered to sent me an item to review. I've heard many things about them and wanted to try it out for myself! They are an India based clothing company that offers customizable pieces at affordable prices. That is something I'm really interested in since I'm short and my measurements are in between sizes.

Shipping was super quick to the US! It arrived in under a week with DHL (international shipping) and the delivery guy rang the doorbell 15 minutes before 10pm. Surprise! haha Their shipping charges seem reasonable for the US and Canada. Anywhere else will have a percentage fee.

This is a dream dress but in pink. Just kidding, I chose this color myself and I actually like it!  I really love the quality of it. It's very beautifully made! It surpasses the quality of my other dresses in comparison. I've never had a dress lined before and if you haven't either, you are missing out. These also have pockets and you have the option to remove them on some dresses, but why would you??

eShakti DresseShakti Dress

The alternations I chose were adding on short sleeves and knee length for my barely 5'2" height. This particular dress doesn't seem to be available on the website anymore but there is another dress with a scalloped trim here. eShakti seems to have a limited stock of their dresses so if you see one you like, you better scoop it up.

eShakti Dress

Two things though...

I've lost an inch from my waist from corset training but I STILL sized up the waist measurement. I tried it on and it was a tad tight in the waist even with having ruched elastic in the back. It wasn't an uncomfortable squeeze but it did hug my belly pouch.

The second issue was the seam at the bust and at the back tore slightly down the center. It's a minor problem since I'm able to stitch it up quickly.

Overall I really like it especially the fit. Wear it with a corset and it's all good. I recommend you have someone else measure your shoulders if you go custom sizing! I think I could have done without an inch but that's my fault. Though it doesn't look bad having it slip down the shoulders slightly.  If I need a pretty, fancy looking black dress in the future, I'll be ordering from them! I prefer fitted clothing with lengths for shorties.


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New Pastel Hair

Most of the lavender came out after a cold rinse the other day. *Shakes fist* I love Ion Brights because it is usually a great (and inexpensive!) Too bad I haven't had good experiences with their red and lavender. The ends faded green and near the roots went a dark blonde. It's a pain in the butt since that blonde is too dark for lavender to even stick to.

I'm being lazy and I also don't want to bleach my roots. I even considered plopping a dark brown on top and doing a ombre look just to have a break.

1 hour fade session using this method and I used vitamin C capsules this time.. much easier! I was hoping this would remove a tad more of the green tint.

I tested pink on my bangs because I was curious.  I've never intentionally gone pink before (besides Pimpin Purple that faded quick). That was too much lol. I used all of my leftover dyes for it and this might be temporary until I want to actually spend money.

Since people ask me what dyes I use: **Just a reminder, you may not be able to replicate the same because my base was more silver than blonde**

Special Effects Burgundy Wine: diluted on top
SFX BW & Punky Blue Lagoon: diluted (more of a purple tint) at the ends
Punky Blue Lagoondiluted ~ random streaks


Cute Finds

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