Cute Finds 013

Mmmm ukueles! >:3

I really want some creepers or any boots with a platform. I haven't been able to justify the price tags though. Platforms would be nice for me considering I'm barely 5'2"!

Got faux leather leggings, shorts and now I'm wanting a new skirt!

Must have this or this ring :3 

I like that it looks aged.

mantella- crochet cape
Cute cape! Free pattern over at Where is the Wonderland? It's translated into english :) 

These are AMAZING socks knit by Zilja.

Firmoo Retro/Vintage Frames

I won a pair of vintage frames from Firmoo recently.  This is my FIRST pair of black frames. So different!  I am usually a sucker for those purple or red frames. I've never been adventurous enough to try out anything other than a rectangular style.  This gave me a chance to try out something new without feeling like I lost money.

I love the style on others but I have no idea if it works on me haha.

I choose these glasses in a matte black.

Little Mermaid FOTD

Of course it had to be done. Little Mermaid inspired FOTD!

Ariel was my favorite princess >:3 I grew up watching the show and movies. I'm pretty sure the show still airs every so often at around 5am. Go watch Ariel's Beginning if you haven't already! It's a prequel and you find out what had happened to Ariel's mother.


Sleek's Pout Paint in Pin Up

Stocked up on some yarn during a 2 for $6 sale and my blogging absence is due to crocheting nonstop. I have some things lined up.  New creations, patterns and picture tutorials.  CRAFTY TIME!

I came across Craftsmart yarn for the first time. I'm giving the less soft & scratchy yarns a shot again. Only bought one skein to test it out. :)  I have something in mind that I'll like to attempt to make. I see this design in my head but..

1) Am I going to pull this off?  2) Will this become a free pattern?  3) Will people be too confused and flood my blog/email with questions?

Ahh! Going to try anyways.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Valentine's Day {3 outfits}

White TopFloral Pink SkirtBlowfish Bow FlatsCateye SunglassesHeart Shaped Shoulder BagModcloth shoesDIY Not NecklaceCoral Striped DressDressDoc Martens Floral BootsJo Totes Gracie BlackFloral CrownThe Bohemian Faerie Flower Necklace

Click on each item ^__^
((TOP OUTFIT)) White Top, Floral Skirt, Cateye Sunglasses & Flats
((RIGHT OUTFIT)) Dress, Shoulder Bag, Necklace & Shoes
((BOTTOM OUTFIT)) Dress, Floral Crown, Necklace, Gracie Jo Totes & Floral Boots

What do you plan to wear for Valentine's Day?

I would love to drop by a thrift store for a new dress.  It's tempting though but I ought to be even more frugal with money now that my camera's decided to be rebellious..  Which means I'm off to crochet a bit and take photos of clothing that I'm going to put up in Silent Daisy.  My dresser is overflowing and I probably only wear 25% of it.

I'm all over the place with style and a good portion of my clothing doesn't fit me up top comfortably. A few pieces I had picked up at Crossroads, hopefully someone will get some wear out of those for me!

Magic Ring for Amigurumi

A magic ring is a way to begin crocheting in the round by crocheting over an adjustable loop. It's also known as: magic loop, double ring, double loop, adjustable ring, etc.

1. A few inches from the end of the yarn, wrap two loops over your finger.

2. Insert the hook from right to left into the loops.

3. Pull the working yarn through.

4. Carefully take the loops off your fingers and chain one. This doesn't count as the first stitch.

5. Insert the hook into the two loops again and pull up a loop. Yarn over and draw through both loops. This counts as the first single crochet stitch.

6. Continue for the rest of the stitches. Then pull the yarn tail to close the hole.

Made in Feburary 2013.