Cute Finds

Since pit bulls are often portrayed as tough, she went for this peaceful and dreamy look with her flower power series. 💕

I can't get enough of cute art.. especially of Sailor Moon!
Halloween nails! Or everyday nails ;D

How cute is this Wonderland necklace?! I love the white rabbit!!  You can use CRISSY10 to get 10% off your order :)

If I had the money, I would scoop this up. A mint pleated skirt is just too cute.

Want!!!! I need more jewelry with octopuses and squids.

It would be awesome to try out some soap that looked like delicious food. I'm sure it'll make me hungry in the shower though..

A thousand times yes!!!!!! I love Enid & Ghost World ♥

Amanda Mayfield

Lemon print, circle skirt and handmade! The high waist makes this even more perfect.

This shop has such adorable fabric.. My favorite is this French Bulldog one.. it's also in a couple of other colors :D 

Watercolour fawns are the best. I wish I could make my own! They are too pretty.

TS mini bears
Excuse you?! How is this even possible? I need a million of these. This is only a pattern though, so if you really want to make one.. go for it!!!

I wonder why my wifi gets worse in the summer.  My messages end up not going through when I check it later so I'm not trying to be a poop on purpose! :( I've scheduled this post so fingers are crossed that it won't fail.

I'll be going out to see  Panic! At The Disco tonight! I'll try to take pictures :)


STYLE: Remixing Crop Tops & Dresses

Modcloth Dress

I cut one of my brown wigs months ago and came across it again recently. It needed a new cut and some flat iron! It reminds me of my natural hair. Mine is actually brown but I've always dyed it orange or black. I don't hate natural colors but on me, it seems ~bland~

I put a crop top over this dress since it's baggy in the bust. Not sure if I like it yet!

Modcloth Dress
Modcloth Dress

top- f21 | dress- modcloth | shoes- payless | wig- ebay

Do you ever get a bunch of ideas right when you're about to sleep and you think you're going to remember them by tomorrow? Yet you don't. That's usually me! Well, I actually got up and wrote it ALL down. I now have a full page of things I'm hoping to do soon!

I noticed that some people have similar ideas too. I doodled a particular thing that night and the next morning on Instagram, someone posted the exact same thing in amigurumi form. Whoaaaa, right? haha It's awesome that they made it! That sort of thing has been happening around me lately and I've been a little hesitant to create things myself.

It reminds of situations from middle school with catty girls. Pointing fingers at you for stealing and copying ideas. Definitely something I'll roll my eyes to because they were so entitled to things that were oh so original. I don't know who else went on message boards when they were younger but I was on a couple and happened to witness online bullying (Over stealing ideas from pixel art and graphics. Stupid, right?) People are supportive and willing to share more these days.


STYLE: Black and White

Striped Crop Top and Black Skirt

I need to get awesome at remixing items. Normally I stick with high waist maxi skirts and crop tops but why not shorter skirts instead? I'm pretty short so there's little risk in getting a very short one haha

These shoes were found at a thrift store awhile back and I recently went through storage to find the SAME pair but in a smaller size.  I don't think those were mine but I stole the straps from it anyways! One needs to be fixed before putting the straps on :D

I'm on Day 3 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge! I'm doing this on top of my regular routine-- Blogpilates August Death Calender. If anyone's down for the challenge~

top/skirt- gojane  shoes- thrifted  necklace-gift
I've been really stressed out lately and having no motivation long enough to do some things even though I need to. I'm generally a happy person and I like being that around others because I hate talking about slumps or depression. Especially when I just get overwhelmed with the feeling and I can't explain why.

Best ways to cope for me is pampering, eating lots fruits, photographing, yoga or just forcing the smiles. Smiling when you have anxiety (and working out!) was one of the best pieces of advice given to me. Any distractions helps!

What are your quick pick-me-ups?


Mint + Daisy OOTD

Mint Dress
DrJay's Mint Dress
Mint Dress
dress- DrJays  |  belt- F21   |  brooch: handmade

This daisy brooch was made with puff stitches. My favorite! I'm working on all sorts of things and there's just a pile of WIP's on my desk. That vulpix head is already one month old now. Oops? I like starting projects to get ideas out there and then just leave it hanging.

I think it's time for me to get a new hairstyle/cut.  I'm stuck on the longer hair though. It's just very low maintenance for me. The shorter my hair gets- the more poof/curly it gets.   Mine becomes wavy the day after I straighten it or even later that night.  Looks like beach waves but more bedhead kind than cute.  I have to brush it out so it won't turn into knots. Not sure if I should get layers or thin it out. 

OH~ There is a tiny drop of foundation on this dress way back from my bestie's wedding in December. That many months of washes and it is not budging. Is there a secret method to get this beast drop off?! It's Revlon Colorstay foundation.


Cute Finds


Creativebug Review

I have been in a nonstop crafting mood lately and I was excited to be given the opportunity to try out a 30 day membership of Creativebug. A website full of video craft tutorials sounds amazing. There's my favorites: crochet, knitting, clothing, accessories and mixed media plus they have even more.

Each tutorial has organized tabs underneath the video. There's sections that show each chapter, the length of time and you're able to click on any chapter to skip ahead :D

Half of the videos I watched covered sewing basics. The machine itself, seams, needles and threads, fabrics, buttonholes, how to read a pattern, etc.  It's been a long time since I used a machine so all of these were super helpful for me. The HD quality surprised me!  The sewing machine basics were straight to the point and I could actually see how to wind a bobbin + thread it close up.

Creativebug is only $10 per month for access to all the videos. It will auto-renew by the next month but you can cancel at any time before. It makes more sense to do this rather than buying each class separately. Unless you really just want one class or if it goes over a pattern that you need the video for. They do have some videos available for free and as free during a 14 day trial (use promo code ART).

I'll be raiding the website again when I get myself a membership. I am focused on a goal that might be too advanced for my nonexistent skills haha.  I really want to sew a shirt and a simple dress. One video shows you how to draft a pattern from one of your shirts and another video that traces a shirt to make a dress. Fingers are crossed that I won't fail!!  I just saw this one today:

Yessssss pockets

I don't have anything complete to show yet but here's the fabric I got for it!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Polymer Clay!

I'm determined to learn how to sew and make things with clay.  I'm focusing on clay for now since it *might* be easier for me. The sewing machine hates me and probably will need assistance with haha. I redid a mold for the ice cream cones awhile back and finally got to use it yesterday. It looks better!

Some colors I got need EXTRA conditioning.  Usually it's good but there's still a few that continue to break off in pieces no matter how long I do it for.  Does anyone know how to get it cooperate?

bows are difficult.

I made a little batch last night and I'm seeing an improvement.  Less fingerprints and less specks haha.  These were fun to make but extremely messy since I was experimenting.  My kind of cupcake would be strawberry, covered in mostly whipped cream and have cherries/strawberries. Not quite a fan of desserts but I do like cool whip!

Mini Cupcake Charms
Mini Cupcake Charm

First mold vs new mold for the cones.
Ice Cream Cones  Clay

I was going to mention an awesome sale for clay over at Jo Ann's website but upon checking that sale ended. Boo!  A few are still discounted but still it's closer to $2-$3 per block.  I took a peek at Michaels and a few select brands/types are on sale for only $1.50.  If you're interested,  you should use their coupon code STORAGE101 for 10% off including sale items until this Saturday~

What do you want to see me TRY to make? XD 


Wednesday FOTD

I've been squeezing and twisting the very last drops from my eye primer since before summer. I finally placed an order for a travel size for now.  It's the ONLY thing that keeps all the eye and brow makeup in place haha

I found my tiny point & shoot camera.. perfect for close ups! I really need to look into a marco lens for full frame because you can only get so close before it's ~nope~.

 I did this look for Wednesday night.

MAC Matchmaker 2.0 and Makeup

MAC Matchmaker- 2.0
Rimmel Stay Matte- True Beige
MAC Mineralize Skinfish Natural- Light Plus
BH Cosmetics- Contour (6 color palette)

#P32 Lashes from Ebay (here)
Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe
ELF liquid liner

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Dipbrow in Dark Brown

Forever21 sparkling lipgloss
Sleek Makeup Pout Paint in Pin Up

I was watching Star Trek yesterday and they had mentioned parallel universes.. I got sucked into some googling stories. So intriguing. Can you imagine one decision changing your life drastically? It definitely reminded me of Doctor Who.

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