Big Hero 6 Amigurumi: Baymax

Have you seen Big Hero 6 yet? I watched it a couple of weeks ago and had to make Baymax! I won't go into details because I'll hate to spoil it for someone. I also decided to rename my shop and keep it short & simple.. it's now called Tiny Moon.

Baymax Big Hero 6 Amigurumi
Baymax Amigurumi
Baymax Big Hero 6 Amigurumi
Baymax Big Hero 6 Amigurumi

A keychain size would be amazing to make!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie Home. It's coming out in two days! I love anything aliens and will add making Oh to my list.

The giveaway winner has already been contacted. Congrats Sean!


Cute Finds

Lip Butters from Batty's Bath

These sound amazing. I want Apple, Black Cherry & Brown Sugar :) Use coupon code FAWN for 10% off!

Chocolate Bear Ring from Kelsea Echo

How cute! This would be a reminder to eat candy lol.

Lemongrab from Synthpop Circus

LOVE! There's only one necklace of him!

Cat Deer Bag from Cheeky Boo
Beautiful illustration on a bag... love this! Get 10% off your first order with coupon: NEWCUSTOMER10

Mermaid original art by Love, Teacup Kisses
Isn't this just gorgeous?? Forever loving mermaids and pretty colors.

Necklace from Lunahoo

For you cat lovers ♥

Brooch from So Little Time Co

Wooden laser cut popsicle.. how adorable!  :)

Pug Sticker by TevaNova

I would hoard my stickers because they were too cute to use. Now I have a laptop... good enough reason to decorate?!

Bat Bag from TitinaStore

Well this is kinda adorable! haha

Moth Ring by Queen Of Jackals

I love a bunch of the other rings in this shop (sucker for amethyst and onyx) but this is unique!

Circle skirt by Freckles & Ginger

Of course, my favorites were the floral dresses but I thought of sharing this toy skirt for a change! :D It's real cute.

What's your favorite?

*P.S. Remember to enter into the giveaway to win a bottle of Argan Oil. US only *


Photo Friday: Rainy hike

Double Rainbow in the hills

I want to carry my camera with me more and start shooting like I used to. I'll be sharing photos I've taken during the week on Friday.  We have been going on hikes every week.  The weather channel said it was supposed to rain but we're in a drought so we usually ignore it. Well... haha!


I love that this place looks so green. This is the location I wanted to do a portrait session at but requires a little hike. Not sure who would be willing to do this yet. It's also a nice little workout if we're gone for a hour or two.

Have you ever gone on a rainy hike?


Etsy Finds: X-Files

Dana Scully Embroidered Patch

How amazing is this? I don't think I'll have the patience and skills to make embroidered patches.

Sticker Pack Set
I came across Bunny Miele's art first on instagram. I love her style!  I can easily recognize it.

Scully: Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!
Watercolour Scully.. this is awesome!

Cameo Necklaces
These would be cute as a gift! 

Fan Club Button Set
Denim vest is required for some buttons. Need these! 

I Want To Believe Dress
Adorable handmade collared dress!

X-Files Bag 
I love this picture of them. Such baby faces.

I grew up watching this series. It's definitely one of those nostalgic theme songs. I still love supernatural, sci fi and creepy stuff. I've been watching Season 2 for a bit! Do you like X-Files?


Adventure Time: Jake Amigurumi

The last few days were overwhelming! I've been absent since I had a handful of install/design orders, amigurumi and hat orders. It feels nice to get busy/creative again. I missed being able to crochet this much.

I made the Jake (on the right) for my boyfriend and immediately made another one due to requests. I like that you can see the difference between the tensions. The second one is always easier to make because you aren't going through the trial and error process. I like the crocheted nose better than the felt... what do you think?

Jake The Dog Amigurumi
Jake The Dog Amigurumi

Jake The Dog Amigurumi
Jake will probably go up as made to order. I thought he had many pieces to make but NOPE.

It took me over a week to crochet all the pieces to this large Foxy character. He stills need one more piece- an eyepatch! My hands were dead afterwards. I have to figure out a setup to photograph it. It's nearly double the size as Jake and Eevee. Definitely the largest amigurumi I've ever made.

Sorry if I didn't respond to you! I'm actually super behind on my messages and kept forgetting to respond. I got some requests for expanding my design services to other platforms and more amigurumi patterns. One day soon. I don't want to go overboard by taking on too many things. Can't wait for Friday!!
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