Cute Finds

Lip Butters from Batty's Bath

These sound amazing. I want Apple, Black Cherry & Brown Sugar :) Use coupon code FAWN for 10% off!

Chocolate Bear Ring from Kelsea Echo

How cute! This would be a reminder to eat candy lol.

Lemongrab from Synthpop Circus

LOVE! There's only one necklace of him!

Cat Deer Bag from Cheeky Boo
Beautiful illustration on a bag... love this! Get 10% off your first order with coupon: NEWCUSTOMER10

Mermaid original art by Love, Teacup Kisses
Isn't this just gorgeous?? Forever loving mermaids and pretty colors.

Necklace from Lunahoo

For you cat lovers ♥

Brooch from So Little Time Co

Wooden laser cut popsicle.. how adorable!  :)

Pug Sticker by TevaNova

I would hoard my stickers because they were too cute to use. Now I have a laptop... good enough reason to decorate?!

Bat Bag from TitinaStore

Well this is kinda adorable! haha

Moth Ring by Queen Of Jackals

I love a bunch of the other rings in this shop (sucker for amethyst and onyx) but this is unique!

Circle skirt by Freckles & Ginger

Of course, my favorites were the floral dresses but I thought of sharing this toy skirt for a change! :D It's real cute.

What's your favorite?

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Etsy Finds: X-Files

Dana Scully Embroidered Patch

How amazing is this? I don't think I'll have the patience and skills to make embroidered patches.

Sticker Pack Set
I came across Bunny Miele's art first on instagram. I love her style!  I can easily recognize it.

Scully: Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!
Watercolour Scully.. this is awesome!

Cameo Necklaces
These would be cute as a gift! 

Fan Club Button Set
Denim vest is required for some buttons. Need these! 

I Want To Believe Dress
Adorable handmade collared dress!

X-Files Bag 
I love this picture of them. Such baby faces.

I grew up watching this series. It's definitely one of those nostalgic theme songs. I still love supernatural, sci fi and creepy stuff. I've been watching Season 2 for a bit! Do you like X-Files?

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