Squittle Amigurumi

This is Squittle's new look designed by Anda!  Follow us on our instagram! We will be showing off some of our amigurumi babies and sneak peeks.  Squittle has upgraded to Storenvy :) There's made to order and ready to ship items with color selections. New things will be added soon.

This is the newest addition! These are my version of a Mini octopus.

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Duck Amigurumi Pattern

Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn
❤ C or D & F hook
❤ Black felt for eyes.
❤ Thread
❤ Optional: yarn needle to weave ends in.
❤ Polyfill
❤ 2 pairs of 9mm safety eyes

You will need yellow, orange, white and black yarn.

Crochet the head halfway to experiment with placing the eyes. Make sure you make the mouth and place it before you put the backs on safety eyes! Stuff.

*The yarn I am using is tiny so I am making sure that the foundation area is small and tight before increasing in every stitch. Always remember to switch your hook to a F!

(Use a small hook like C or D)
Magic ring.
1. Crochet 8 single crochets into the ring.
(Switch to a F hook)
2. Inc in each stitch around.
3. "Increase in one stitch, sc in the next" around.
4. Single crochet in each stitch around.
5. "Sc in next 2 sts, inc" around.
6. Sc in each stitch around.
7. "Sc in next 4 sts, dec" around.
8. Sc in each stitch around.
9 "Sc in next 5sts, dec" around.
10. Sc in each stitch around.
11. Sc in each stitch around.
12. "Sc in next 3 sts, dec" around.
13. "Sc in the next 3 sts, dec" around.
14. "Sc in the next 2 sts, dec" around.

(Use a small hook like C or D)
Magic ring.
1. Chain 6.
2. Turn. Skip first stitch, sc across. Sl st in corner.

(Use a small hook like C or D)
Magic ring.
1. 8 single crochets into the ring.
(Switch to a F hook)
2. Inc in each stitch around.
3. "Sc in next 5 sts, dec" around.
4-7. Sc in each stitch around.
8. "Sc in next 4 sts, dec" around.

This piece covers the hole:
(C or D hook)
Magic ring.
1. Chain 6
2. Sc once, inc twice, sc once.

(C or D hook)
Magic ring
1. 4 sc into the ring.
2-4. Sc in every stitch around.
5. "Sc in each stitch, dec once, sc in the rest" around.

(C or D hook)
Magic ring
1. 4 sc into the ring.
2-3. Sc in every stitch around.

*For the panda hat place it on your finished head! You'll be turning and crocheting back and forth. Use the duck's eyes as a guide as how far you should crochet across.

Panda Hat
(C or D hook)
Magic ring.
1. 6 sc into the ring.
(Switch to a F hook)
1. Inc in each stitch around.
2. "Inc, sc in the next stitch" around.
3. "Inc, sc in the next 2 sts" around.
4-6. Sc in each stitch around.
7. "Sc in the next 6 sts, dec" around.
8. "Sc in the next 6 sts.
9. Sc 6 times across, turn.
10. Chain 1, skip the first stitch and sc across to the *other eye.
11-14. Turn. Chain 1, Sc across.
15. Skip 2 sts, sc across, decrease in the last two sts. Sl St into the side.

Panda Mouth
(C or D hook)
Magic ring.
1. Ch 6
2. Skip the first stich, sc across. Sl st into side

I used black yarn for the nose/mouth :DEars(C or D hook)
Magic ring.
1. Ch 6.
2. Turn. Sc 2 times, inc in next 2 sts, sc 2 times.
3. Turn. Sc 3 times, inc once, sc in the remaining sts.

Cut out a square of black felt and place it over the panda's safety eyes. Cut the square into a circle based on the size.  Always cut a little at a time just in case!  Fold the circle and cut a tiny bit out to create a hole.  Push the panda's safety eyes through and pop the back on to secure the piece. Sew on.

I don't think this is a project for a beginner because of all the pieces and sewing. I don't claim that my patterns are for any skill size so if you have any questions, comment or email!

Quick Bulky Crochet Hat Pattern

I suggest crocheting loosely for this and if it's still too small,  try a larger hook size!

One skein of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool
Crochet hook M/9mm
Large button

Start with a Magic Ring.

1. Double crochet 10 times into the ring.
Insert your stitch marker.
2. Double crochet twice in each stitch.
3. "2 dc in the next stitch, dc once in the next 2 stitches" around.
4. Dc in each stitch around.
5. Dc in each stitch around.
6 "Decrease, dc in the next 3 stitches" around.
7. Dc in each stitch around.
8. Dc in each stitch around.
9. Single crochet in each stitch around.

Sew on a button on a side. Done! :)

Cute Finds

via: meltydream
There's also a Little Mermaid skirt in that shop. Want!!!

I still don't have a heart cutout dress.  I need this.

via: adorably kawaii
Affordable pattern or you could grab a mini sleepy fox instead.

via:castle of bows

I spot an Eevee :3

via: elliotjackson
This is amazing. Hand sculpted fox!  I love this rhino too.

via: brave  store

Cat and heart stockings

via: koala art & design
The chandelier look is pretty nice.

via: the bohemian faerie
Okay, this might be Etsy teehee but this is an exception!

via:sawdust bear

There's also cute postcards in there. Check it out!

via:naputa's secret garden
This comes with a smaller cat bag! :3

via: coral clover

Happy Thursday! 
Who else is waiting for Ancient Aliens to return tomorrow?!

False Lashes


I've only gotten into lashes since the beginning of this year. I don't like wearing mascara so these help me out. My favorite kind are off of eBay.

You can get 10 pairs for under $2. I clean them well enough that I'm able to reuse it a bunch of times. The quality is great in my opinion. I've paid $5 for one pair that couldn't last more than 2-3 uses. That's just horrible!  I trim the excess at the sides and slightly bend it to have a curve before applying it.


#112, #226 & #030

I recently got my hands on some bottom lashes. Very cute baby lashes. :D I'll love some Paperself next!

When The Photographer Becomes The Model

It's really awkward.

It's easy to forget how uncomfortable it is on the other side of the camera. I was too stiff, too aware of my awkward limbs and didn't know what to do. Fashion bloggers either set up a tripod themselves or get a photographer (or family, friend, significant other) to photograph them.  The poses, their facial expressions.. it looks easy! Why is it the complete opposite for me? Hahaha.

These are 'behind the scenes' photos taken by my boyfriend, actually. That would explain why I'm not looking at the camera in some. I do love the ones he took when I wasn't being photographed by someone else.  You can see the potential!  I generally dislike being photographed on outings and such because there's always somebody out there that doesn't know what is considered an unflattering photo. Photo bombs are completely different since those were intentional and fun.

My questions to you:
Have you ever been photographed by someone else, friends, photographers AND were you happy with those photos? 
How did they make you feel comfortable?/How would they be able to make the experience better for you?

Basically I'll like to know this. Gather enough information to help my clients and friends when I am shooting them :) 

Photoshop Action- Hummingbird (download link)

Today I am sharing one of my actions with you! It's called Hummingbird. There's several layers you can tweak: Grain, Haze, Contrast and Darken. I love to use it on shots that are outdoors and dark to bring out some contrast/haze.

Roll over each image to see the before shot.



Option 1: Drop the file in Photoshop

  1. Open up Photoshop. Go to Window> Actions. 
  2. Click the button the right of "Actions" and choose Load Actions from the list. 
  3. Go to where you saved the file and open it.