I'm surprised I even finished this. I mostly just sketch on paper. That's what I'm comfortable with but I definitely prefer using layers on a computer. Can't I just have that on my paper?? haha

Still have tons of learning to do for anatomy, coloring, backgrounds, EVERYTHING. I plan to get a huge set of copic markers eventually. The prices on those are ridiculous and I believe that would push me to continue art or otherwise that would be a waste.

Has anyone went back to doing art after years and did you see any improvements or get 'stuck'?

It's the third day after Bella's surgery. I was told she would be back to normal in only 1-2 weeks. She just needs a little assistance.  Thanks everyone! Donations and people sharing my shop REALLY helped. ♥


Creamy Lace Style + Review

I fell in love with all the gorgeous lace bits when I first saw this dress! Creamy white with breathable long sleeves with ruffles and tiny ribbon. It's very pretty. Reminds me of some vintage dresses.. even my mom said she would have worn this when she was younger. This item I would have admired from afar but glad that I went for it anyways.

I have spent hours looking at dresses and boots on Sammydress before.  I have experience shopping online with similar sites so I understand the cheap prices, the quality and shipping times. Affordable prices with decent enough quality. . Generally these sizes are much smaller and for the petite.

I'm surprised at how great the quality it is. I really love all the crocheted pieces on it. The only issue is that the measurement chart claims to fit up to 38 inches for the bust. I'm 35/36" and it's tight. If you're busty or even larger than a DD cup then be wary. Luckily it's not a huge problem for me and I can still wear it comfortably. This is my first experience with sizing being off. Besides this, the waist and length were perfect!

Thank you Sammy Dress for sending me to this dress. :)

dress- c/o sammydress | shoes- thrifted | ring- thrifted
Thank you boyfriend for taking the majority of these.


What I Wore- Pastel Florals

The Moon Song by Karen O on Grooveshark

dress- thrifted  |  shoes- thrifted  |  cowl- handmade

This dress hid from me for awhile. Spring + this dress= yes?? It's been slightly warmer outside and makes me want sit outside except four dogs will come at me. haha

I ordered my very first makeup traincase and I didn't know how huge those were. Both of my jewelry boxes broke recently so this is just perfect.  I'm able to store it all plus lots of random things.  My old makeup box now holds all of my sewing stuff! No more random needles out on my desk.

Feeling lots more organized now. 

I'm in the mood to crochet now that I barely have yarn left. OF COURSE.  I recently finished crocheting a blanket and a hat.  Soon I'll be able to take pictures and share the pattern for the hat :3  I have lots of orange and blue left... not sure what else I could make with it yet!

Ohhh thank you all for your kind words! ♥ ♥ ♥


Photographer's Wishlist

Tripod: My camera and heaviest lens were too much for my old one and now it's broken again. So definitely have to look into finding something that will hold that PLUS my external flash.

Softboxes: We already have some lights but I'm ready to branch out to using some softboxes. There's probably better ones out there that are still budget friendly.. Does anyone recommend any? :)

Lens Hood: The lens hood on my 85mm broke recently. It's scary for me to have a lens all exposed like that. Extra paranoid haha. I'll get one off of Ebay later for like $6.

Transmitter: I was able to use my external flash off-camera because the 7D had a built-in flash (sent a signal to it). My new camera doesn't have a built-in flash so need to get a transmitter! I'll have to look into options for something more budget friendly because whoa you are too expensives~

Shutter Release Remote: Someone had blogged about this awhile back and I managed to only remember it by one of amazon's emails! haha. I'll love to play around with the interval and long exposure timers.

Are you looking to buy any cameras, equipment, gadgets?

Here's an update on this post about Bella.

Apparently she has an abscess. The vet walked in and immediately told us what it was before sticking his fingers in her mouth to check. She will get X-rays to be 100% sure before doing the oral surgery. We decided to get her hernia's fixed at the same time as well as spayed. I'm super nervous because she's ready to go in Tuesday. I'll probably be freaking out. No idea how she's going to be afterwards. I thought it was kind of rude when they included an overpriced E-Collar. Plus a micro chip that we didn't even ask for. Not necessary! -__-

This is much more expensive because of the oral surgery. SIGH times a million. If you need a new Blogger design, I am having a special at a reduced price~ More info here.


Somedays aren't yours at all

Somedays by Regina Spektor on Grooveshark

I wish I could wear sweaters but most are super itchy. I usually don't like long sleeves either. This is the only one I own and I'm thinking I should just get rid of it. I'm definitely not a small and I ordered this off of H&M in a size medium. I wasn't aware it was one of those loose oversized ones. I know I can fit my boyfriend in it with me! Love the color though!

Sorry that I haven't been active. I'm trying not to stress out over a number of things. I had posted a picture of Bella's face awhile ago. It was swollen and eventually went down but soon came back at random. Her face's been swollen for a nearly a week ranging from bad to worse. We had gone to the vet weeks earlier and did what she told us to do. It has to be some sort of infection or tooth issue, right? She has an appointment later today.

It's weird because she's eating and drinking fine. She's not in pain and isn't scratching at it either.  I'm sure she's not even aware. I did Google a little but stopped when it mentioned it will probably have to be drained.

Hope your Monday is better than ours!


Cute Finds

I rarely post nail stuff. It's hard to get into it when you have baby nails no matter how long it gets, zero room for cute designs.  I'm super jealous over these mermaid nails.

Lately I've been seeing some pictures of pretty, vintage rings and it makes me want them all. Give me all the opal pretties, please!!

I would love to own a holographic skirt one day and shoes. Or everything.

I love aliens.  It would be nice to own a crop top with  them on it! haha

Such cute art. Can I has it all? It's on my wishlist to get a custom drawing one day! It would be a perfect piece for our future apartment.

Ooh it wouldn't be me NOT to include something with floral print. I don't think I could pull off that style of dress but looks great on the model there!!

Sailor Neptune!!! ♥ YES?!  I can already hear my boyfriend going NO in the background. :( Yep, I'm sure you skim over my blog posts.

I came across this show on Hulu! It's called Panda and Hedgehog. I'm currently on the last episode. This one the drama started off slow then ~bam~ came out throughout near the end. It might make you hungry and wish you had access to all the yummy looking goods. </3 Overall the cuteness was good. If you're feeling in the mood to "Awww!"

What have you found lately? Share stuff with me!


what i wore- polka dots

I can't believe this week is almost over. It just felt like Saturday to me! I've been watching tons of CreativeLive courses. You can watch a course for free while it's live.. usually starts at 9 in the morning and ends around 5pm.  There's some breaks in between, of course! I have been waiting for Photoshop week and Modern Women's Portraiture with my favorite photographers. It has finally ended so I'm free.  Sue Bryce is amazing and her posing guides for non models are super helpful.I love being able to look into other artist's processes.

I have decided to learn Spanish on Duolingo's app. I also have Rosetta Stone so there's really no excuse for me not to do it. It's just right there. I am super tempted to just do German because that's what I studied for two years but I wouldn't have people to interact with. It's definitely easier for me to pronounce than Spanish haha.

I don't think I own any other polka dot clothing?  So weird!

I am super behind on reading blogs. Time to go read on my phone :3 Happy Thursday!!


New Toys

The best decision I have made recently was upgrading my camera to full frame! My first DSLR was the Canon 7D. It has a crop factor of 1.6x which makes indoor portraits or small places nearly impossible to comfortably photograph unless you're up against a wall. I especially like the image here that shows the differences between full frame and the crop factors. My new baby is the Canon 5D Mark II.

I've never used a full frame camera before and it was a little shocking that I was able to use my 50mm lens inside the house (at a higher ISO!!!). Like whoa~ Super in love with the quality. Finally got my hands on a lens I have been wanting all year: Rokinon 35mm!!  I have nothing against buying used items as long as it works. :)  It's better to be safe and use websites that you can return/get your money back. 

So pretty! #(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Plus those sunflares are awesome teehee

For some reason I don't own that many bags and just stick to one until it dies. I wanted something that had a large strap that wouldn't hurt my shoulder. So glad I came across this one and finally bought it! It's the Tardis. I didn't expect it to be able to hold so much things: sketchbooks, pens, candy, tiny purse/phone, skein of yarn(s), drink(s), snacks, jacket, etc.  Plus my camera.

LOVE Kiss products!! I'm thinking of doing a review on that glue. Still haven't tried out individual lashes, maybe soon? I just prefer the regular ones. The ones I got were these really long wispy natural kind. Now that is all I want to wear.

This post was really random, that's okay. It's already March! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

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