Cute Finds

I rarely post nail stuff. It's hard to get into it when you have baby nails no matter how long it gets, zero room for cute designs.  I'm super jealous over these mermaid nails.

Lately I've been seeing some pictures of pretty, vintage rings and it makes me want them all. Give me all the opal pretties, please!!

I would love to own a holographic skirt one day and shoes. Or everything.

I love aliens.  It would be nice to own a crop top with  them on it! haha

Such cute art. Can I has it all? It's on my wishlist to get a custom drawing one day! It would be a perfect piece for our future apartment.

Ooh it wouldn't be me NOT to include something with floral print. I don't think I could pull off that style of dress but looks great on the model there!!

Sailor Neptune!!! ♥ YES?!  I can already hear my boyfriend going NO in the background. :( Yep, I'm sure you skim over my blog posts.

I came across this show on Hulu! It's called Panda and Hedgehog. I'm currently on the last episode. This one the drama started off slow then ~bam~ came out throughout near the end. It might make you hungry and wish you had access to all the yummy looking goods. </3 Overall the cuteness was good. If you're feeling in the mood to "Awww!"

What have you found lately? Share stuff with me!
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