Style: Lace Floral Dress

vintage collar floral dress
vintage collar floral dress
squid ring
vintage collar floral dress
cardigan/black circle ring- forever21   dress- @10dollardressshop   shoes- charlotte russe   squid ring - ebay

Sleek Makeup Pout Paint- Pin Up
Lipstick is Sleek Makeup's pout paint in Pin Up

This dress hasn't gotten worn in a few months and the last time it was on the blog, I had multi-pastel hair! Did anyone else replace dresses with pants and leggings during Winter? It was so comfortable. I rarely ever want to dress up out of my blankets and sweatpants.

I'm planning to do a sale soon on my instagram (sizing is mostly M, btw)  to give new homes to a couple of pieces. I felt bad parting with thrifted items but it doesn't fit well anymore or go with my style today. I am almost tired of florals and may be switching over to the dark side again. Or maybe quality, print dresses. I'm ready for change or craft projects.

Once Upon A Time returns Sunday and I just started on season 4.  Catching up is a very possible thing, of course!  Soon I'll start Agent Carter and possibly Galavant (is that one any good?)


Style: Purple Smokey Eye with Stripes + Florals

MAC Matchmaster 2.0
BH Cosmetic's contour & blush palette

Dipbrow in Dark Brown
UD Primer Potion
ELF liquid liner
Wispy lashes from Ebay
Coastal Scents 252 palette
Sleek Makeup's Pout Paint in Mauve Over


top- thrifted   croptop- GoJane   shorts- Delia's   rings- Forever21
It feels like Winter left weeks ago. I didn't realize I would even miss the burning sun but I'm sure that's because it's still in between seasons and a cool breeze is lingering. Who actually enjoys melting in summer when you have no access to pools?

These are my new favorite shorts from Delia's.  Not only does it have a high waist but it has a stretchy material. LOVE. I can't wait to get out more with hikes and adventures. I'm still motivated to stay active and I might reach my goal at this rate :D

My camera has been getting more use lately.   I've been crocheting things, playing with makeup or following around the dogs trying to get a decent shot. I forgot that photographing animals feels like a workout with having to squat down 80% of the time. At least I can get cute faces.


My boyfriend and I went to an outdoor ice hockey game Saturday night.  I managed to get this ridiculously long panorama. I thought the ice rink would have been extended out so at least they had a screen put up there and a light show haha.  It was pretty crazy to be around a crowd this size but still fun. The downside is that food & drinks were over $11 each.

click to enlarge


How to add a Blog Signature in Blogger

Hi! I'm sharing a tutorial today on how to add a signature in Blogger. This method will automatically be placed at the bottom of each post and will update if you change the image.  It's my preffered method because it's easy to set up and it will show up on your older posts. This code is set up so it will prevent a pin it over from showing on your signature!

The older method has you put code in Blogger's Post Template section. So that specific code will show up every time you create a new post.  The downside of this is you can't update ALL your older signatures at once and you have to go back to remove every single old one.

Remember to backup your layout before making changes. Do this by going to Template  > clicking on Backup/Restore button and  Download full template right there.



Upload your blog signature and get the direct link of it then replace YOUR IMAGE URL with it.

  • Go to Template > Edit HTML and click in the box.
  • Press CTRL + F to search this:  <data:post.body/>
  • Hit enter twice and you will see the second & third lines highlighted. Place it underneath the second one at the top.

Copy this code:


  • Go to Template> Customize to open up the Template Designer.
  • Click on Advanced > Add CSS.

Copy and paste this code into the box and hit Save.

Change the width to the size of your own image. A max width is put there so it won't stretch on the page. The text align can be center, left or right.


  • Go to Template > Edit HTML and click in the box.
  • Press CTRL + F to search this:

    <div class='signature'>
 Then replace the old image with your new signature's URL.

Hope this was easy to follow.  If you'll like to see more posts like this, I'm open for requests! Just leave suggestions in the comments.


Winter Florals OOTD

top- forever21 skirt- thrifted  jewelry-gifts  shoes- charlotte russe

I've been purple for a week now. If I could choose between one color to have as my natural color, this would be it! Summer was my original plan but I took 3 dreams as *the* sign. It was kind of impulsive but my boyfriend was basically encouraging it so it's also his fault, right?! 

The dye is Punky's Purple and I darkened the top with a blue based purple mixture. Pink used to be underneath but having to separate sections for the redye was too much for sick me. 

My whole wardrobe is full of bright, colorful things and I'm actually missing black everything. I want more black tops, bottoms and dresses.. maybe pretty lace. Though I'm not sure where to start looking for this because most I've found come with a price tag up to $50 per item and I don't love it that much haha. This makes sewing much more tempting.  I always find things I like but wish it came in black!

A few things happened:

- Made Adventure Time Valentine's Cards & a large Jake!
- Vulpix plush in slightly different colors
- Hit over 900 sales in Minty Fox Designs
- Finding new bra size (again!)
- Repierced my ears and healing nicely for once.
- Upgraded to 7/16" plugs
- 2 hour hike
- Cute Valentine's breakfast
- Lost 9 pounds (was going to write up a post about this with details)


Art: Lingerie Babe

 A new drawing series! I really just want to draw colorful cuties in bras because why not? haha

I also decided to draw some random bloggers too but I got sick again. It usually happens in the beginning of the year and that's it.

I'm 80% done with my Valentine's Gifts! I'll share the pattern for it once I have pictures.  I really hope he likes it!


Projects: Sailor Moon Hats, Fox Hats & More.

Do you ever feel like you haven't accomplished much in a month then look back and realize you were actually quite busy? I designed my first knit hat! My first ones were basic and from very vague patterns since I couldn't follow any at the time. Apparently I can knit up to 1.5 hats a day.

Sailor Chibi Moon Knitted Hat
Sailor Jupiter Knitted Hat
Sailor Moon Knitted Hat
Sailor Moon Hat
Soft Blue Cowl Scarf

I followed the Ostrom pattern from Berroco for this cowl. It's my second one, actually. Some mistakes were made but I managed to cover it up. I asked people if they could tell and they couldn't but you'll always know. haha

This was started a little before New Years and got finished a week after that. It took FOREVER.  The first cowl I made is up on the blog too. It's this one with the usual ribbing.

Fox Hats
Another first for me... a multiple hat order!  I made these when I was binge watching Friends.  I'm now on the last season and I'm not sure what show to start after that. I completed That 70's Show and Scrubs (again). Any suggestions?

Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi 2
Vulpix was made with a smaller hook so it's a tad tiny compared to the original.  It only has 5 tails!! I'm working on a third one trying to double check the pattern, make tweaks and hopefully put together a PDF for my shop.

I'm also working on this huge gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day.  I can't say what it is but I'll share pictures of it when it's done.  It'll definitely be the largest creation ever.

What are your latest DIY projects? Do you plan to make your gift for V-Day?
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