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Isn't this beautiful?  I'm in love with it all! The lighting, colors, pose and the placement of the flowers.

introvert's introduction
I've had an idea lingering in my head for a shoot and I think this would be the perfect accessory. Looks cute & simple :D

Nerd Burger Jewelry
Who wouldn't want a ring?! I love Adventure time!

Adrian Loves Owls

One of my favorite blogger's style is Adrian's! I wish I could put together outfits like these. The layering, color combinations, want want want!

I first saw this on tumblr: "It looks real!"  Teeny cute pizza earrings. It's currently sold out though.

Another find on Tumblr! I liked the bats but LOVE the jellyfish even more. Can there be a squid one?! I don't think I'm using the right keywords because I can't find the shop! Who knows it?

I'm so glad I came across Sophie's tumblr. I'm such a sucker for cutesy art. GO BUY ART!
Happy Friday!
What are your cute finds?


Sleepy Fox Pattern from Adorably Kawaii

The Sleepy Fox pattern was released today! I already had orange but it wasn't bright enough for me and made it in blue instead.

I'm sure some of you recognize this fox! Designed by Anda of Adorably Kawaii~

I stock up on supplies and find out later that it's still not enough. I'm always wanting new colors but I should use up what I already have. My list so far: backup C hook, E hook, brighter yarnies, matching thread, larger needles, backup weaving needle, felt & large safety eyes. 


Crochet Pattern: Floral Headband

The pattern is available for download as a PDF here. Pictures to help guide you.

Flower: (crochet 5)

1. Chain 35. Skip the first chain. Single crochet in the next 3 chs.
Repeat { “Chain 3, skip next chain, single crochet in the next 3 chs” } til the end.
2. Chain 3. “Double crochet 3 times, slip stitch, double crochet 4 times” in the hole and sc in the next st.
Repeat {Dc 3x, sl st, Dc 4x" in next hole, sc in next }
Sc in the last two sts.

Read the PDF to see pictures on how to curl it.  

Headband Piece:

Foundation- Chain 100. Cut.

1. Attach yarn by a single crochet in the 16th chain from one end. Single crochet across. Leave the last 16 chains untouched.

2. Turn. Chain 2. Skip first stitch, half double crochet across.

Sew on each flower onto the band piece or you could weave in ends to attach it!


Style: St. Patty's

Decided to go ahead and start my final hair project. I wasn't a fan of the pink. It looks adorable on everyone else! I went to a salon (for the first time in 8 years ahhhh!) and had a friend do it. It's still so softies, can I never wash it again?! I love the feeling of freshly dyed hair.

A party is coming up this weekend that I needed a new dress for!  Who wants to be pinched for not wearing green?  Not me! >:( I found this Merona dress while thrifting. It's not too bright or like a regular green. I didn't want to dress up in Christmas colors.

Happy Tuesday all! :)


Style: Spring

Top: eBay // Skirt: eBay // Necklace: eBay

I bought my first two crop tops recently. I have ALWAYS loved the look of it but wasn't sure if it was for me since I haven't seen it so much on busty ladies. Some look very small in length and I was worried that it may not cover me properly. 

Way overdo for a new layout.  I came across a commissions post on tumblr and fell in love with Sophie's art! I chose a colored sketch because the style is amazingggg.  I based my layout around the colors and tried to keep it simple. Fixed up some pages and finally switched over to Passionfruit ads. Much easier.

 The header images and social media icons are from Anda!

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