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Shirt //HT
Skirt // Ebay
Leggings // unknown
Boots // Dresslink
This is one of my True Blood shirts. It's one of my favorite shows! Don't say anything because I'm behind on it haha.   Has anyone read The Southern Vampire Mysteries? I have some books I want to read but don't have enough free time for it.
  I buy a bunch of my clothes off of Ebay and received a coupon for Dresslink.com in one of my packages.  Two weeks ago I needed some cheering up and what's better than some online shopping for some new cheap boots?!   I paid about $7 for those and it feels really comfy for me! :) The boots are back up in the shop for 75% off this time if you're interested in a pair. The sizes are limited and I ordered mine a size up in 8! 
 I bought my first black pair of boots for around $10 at a thrift store awhile back. The heels on those killed my feet. It's nice to find some decent comfortable boots with a teeny baby heel. Love it!
Have a good Thursday! 
  Head on over to Lara's Vintage to enter into a giveaway to win the only  XL ad spot from me!

How to Safely Bleach Your Hair Using Coconut Oil.

It is time for an ultimate guide on how to bleach your hair the safe way!  I have been using this method for awhile now. Feel free to ask me questions afterwards.

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I personally always do a bleach bath whether it's lightly stripping out color or going full on bleach. I mix clarifying shampoo into the bleach bowl and use coconut oil for extra protection. I don't use exact measurements since I've done this often, I just eye it and go. There are measurements on the box/instructions.  The bleach mixture should be creamy because if it's too watery, there's a good chance the job will come out uneven.

It's recommended that you use organic kind but that will be over $10 generally. I have used a regular jar from an Indian market for $3 and it works just the same.

 I have used Prism Lites (blue powder), Clairol Basic White and Loreal Quick Blue

My favorite ones are Clairol and Ion Sensitive.  


You can visit my FAQ to click on my dye tags for pictures of each color!
These are all links to where I get the dyes from.
Loreal Hicolor Red/Magenta
, RAW Ruby Red, SFX Pimpin Purple, Manic Panic Ultra Violet,

**Do not leave bleach on longer than 60 minutes. **


I would only use 40 volume developer if you know your hair is extremely stubborn to lift and it's virgin hair. Otherwise use 30 or 20 volume. The coconut oil speeds up the lightening process so you may need to save your roots for last. (Especially if you use Loreal's Quick Blue bleach powder.)

You may need to do another bleach bath depending on your hair condition and what color you are going for.  PLEASE wait at least a week before attempting another bleach bath.


Coconut oil protects your hair to a certain extent. It's still way better than bleaching by itself. You will still need to treat your hair nicely and condition it.  Use a protein packet treatment, argan oil treatment or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for a good "quick fix".  

  Do you plan to dye your hair right after?
This is very important: You must shampoo your hair at least two times to remove the oil. Your hair will feel dry/gross but do not use conditioner.  Hair dye doesn't take well to conditioned hair so dry it and see if there's any oil left.  You can definitely mix veggie dyes & conditioner together.

Going blonde or need another bleach bath?
Conditioning treatments or a protein packet. You can also apply more coconut oil as a hair mask.

These are RAW, Special Effects, Punky, Manic Panic, Ion Brights (only) etc. 

Your hair shouldn't have any oil residue leftover. If you shampooed it out 100% then you need to airdry or blowdry your hair 100% bone dry.  If you are not sure: wait a day, shampoo again and dry it. These dyes will condition your hair.  I recommend leaving these dyes in for at least 3-5 hours.  Remember, patience! You can wrap it up for the night and wake up + wash to get your soft new hair :)

Ion Brights is a wonderful dye but it's difficult to apply by itself so mix in tons of conditioner! You can save money this way.

Loreal hicolor, Loreal hilift (for dark hair only), Ion Color, Clairol, etc. 

These dyes require that you mix volume developer with it. These are the dyes that usually say only leave it for 25 minutes or one hour.  Guess what? You can use coconut oil method for these dyes.  Apply the oil, wait at least one hour  then apply the dye mixture right on top of it. Process for the recommended time based on the dye you bought. Usually the time is either on the box or in the instructions.

Generally don't double process your hair. If you bleached your hair and your dye requires developer to be mixed in, be on the safe side and wait at least a week.


Use a blue toner for orange.
Use a purple toner for yellow.

People recommend Shimmer Lights shampoo to tone down brassiness.

in my chair OOTD

F21 Dress (Goodwill!)
Ebay: deer ring + necklace

It's been 16 months of having purple/blue hair. I kept talking every couple of months about changing it in 2013. To FINALLY go back to natural colors but the idea scared me because what if it wasn't me? Red feels natural for me.

This wasn't the original plan but I don't exactly have funds for hair adventures yet. I'll have a friend complete it when I save up enough. This is nice though.

Coconut oil $3
(3) Ion Brilliance Brights $14

If this red dye is amazing as RAW Ruby Red then I'm definitely switching over. This large tube of dye is under $5 compared to a $13 bottle or small tub of Manic Panic. It smelled good to me and barely stained my skin. PLUS PLUS PLUS.

Does anyone else with bright hair  try to avoid wearing colors that are close to your haircolors?  I've had dyed hair for almost two years and even though I was only red in the very beginning, got in the habit of avoiding red. LOL  But this morning I was wearing a red shirt and red plaid pants.  SO MATCHY BUT IT DOESN'T END THERE.

Ion Brilliance Brights Red


(( Bows ))

You might have already seen a sneak peak on my instagram ♥   I got sent two pretty bows and extra cute goodies. One bow was recently featured here.  Remember those sprinkles?! Too adorable. I haven't ever seen a bow like that before.

I can't get over these cuties and those colors.  I'm probably going to hoard these forever.

My hair is so long, I actually don't know what to do with it.  I think my problem is solved with accessories!

Every bow is handmade with lots of love! I've watched Castle of Bows grow for almost a year now. Rachel recently put up some hair clips and will be adding more new items eventually.

  The prices are inexpensive and the quality is amazing. If you are loving floral, solid colors, cats, lace, galaxy and pokemon... then grab some bows!

Get the latest updates from Castle of Bows here & here

Cute Finds 012

This is on my wishlist. I'm in need of a Doctor Who garment. YES YES YES.

Sucker for all things blue.. here's a pastel pink bracelet! 

via a.w. photography ((print))

This is so tempting to buy! I'll love to have some ombre colored hair to change up with.
via sugar plum factory
Didn't realize how cute planters can be.  I'll want something like this when I get my own place :D

via kiracards

If I weren't making my own, I would totally get this one. I love this one too. Perfect for my boyfriend, at least. haha!

via afterimages

This is awesome!! ^_^

via  lu & ed

Adorable! Check out the rest of these mon-stors!

EOTD - ELF Brights

I'm messy! I use any kind of concealer as a base but lately I'm using NYX's Milk. If I wanted to brighten up my shadows, I'll get my brush wet and pack the color on. I love MAC pigments and BH Cosmetics... but for this I used ELF's Brights Mini Palette. One of my presents from Christmas!!

((1)) Urban Decay Primer Potion with NYX's Milk as a base.
((2)) Dipped a brush in water and picked up some orange shadow.
((3)) Packed on this bright pink shadow with water.
((4)) Slowly blending and re-packing color on with water. Added some purple!
((5)) Of course, used some turquoise underneath & a mix of a peachy color + white as the highlight!
((6)) Lined the top with Maybelline Gel liner. Used NYX's Milk to line my waterline.

Happy Wednesday! Have you used ELF's eyeshadow? It's my first experience with it and I quite love it!

instagram lately

((I)) On our way for a birthday event to shoot. It was about 7+ hours of shooting and half of the time the lighting conditions were terrible. So. many. photos. (and grain :( )
((II)) My newest wig and it's super bright/white! I got this for a shoot but I had to try it on myself.
((III)) I ordered these off of eBay. Best $2 spent!! ♥
((IV)) I'm going through a weird designing thing and it sucks. I'm trying new shapes, placements and color combinations. I can't seem to make anything that I like. It's still a WIP.
((V)) Doodles for my ~365 . I used to draw all the time until a few years ago. Now I'll like to get back into it and learn more things. Probably should get a sketchbook..
((VI)) Eevee (right) just turned 2 years old ^o^
((VII) I'm one of those "I collect jewelry but rarely wear it" types.    Do you see that owl's crooked eye?  I love it.
((VIII) Another WIP! But this has a face by now. Attempting a kitty octopus.
((IX)) I decided that all proceeds will go towards my indiegogo. SHAMELESS PLUG! I might become camera-less this year so if you could share the link and tweet it, much appreciated! ♥ This bunny needs a home :3

I may have tweeted about finding dresses at Goodwill. Well, here's a peek!  I love the soft focus, glowing hair and the bright colors from the dress. Lots of pop.

I'm becoming more active on these babies:

( fonts )

I collect fonts! Time to share some. I'll try to make this series regular. I try not to overboard when I go on downloading sprees. Here's a few of my favorites lately.

Print Clearly
Aller Light
Galatia Sil
Cambria (Might be a default font)

What's your favorite fonts?

Goals for 2013

I'm not a fan of new years resolutions. When you go on Facebook, people announce it but only to look goal oriented and come off as "inspiring". Actually DO it!!   I typed up a huge list of goals when I was a teen and found it a couple of years later to cross nearly everything off.  I'll like to experience that feeling of accomplishment again. Who's with me?!

One of my favorites is to own a Fuji Instax Wide and document our adventures together. I'll like to make a book to hold all of our tickets, little trickets and jot down some memories. I still have a ticket stub from '05 haha. For the time being, it'll have to be put on hold since I have something else to go after!

Blog goals

Weekly series.
Free pattern once a month.
Craft tutorials.
More guest posts.
Sponsor features.
Document thrifting adventures.
Write more, be personal.
Outfit posts, perhaps a weekly series?
Makeup tutorial.
Show my new 365 project.
Blog features.
More freebies!

2013+ goals

Get hands on a sewing machine. (YAY!)
Learn to sew.
Youtube videos.
5 months to get beach body ready.
Find the right bra size (o ho ho ho). 
Relearn to knit, always.
Get booked tons more.
Form a team for my photography business. 
Upgrade my camera.
Find a cheap full length mirror.
Get photography website up.
Become more organized.
One clothing item per week to grow a new wardrobe.
Revamp my hairstyle with keeping it long!
More outdoor adventures.
Go to a bonfire at the beach.
Make leggings.
Make octopus plushies.
Continue my 365 art project.
Follow through with Tone It Up.
Film camera or Fuji Instax Wide Camera.
Read one book each month.
Dawn adventures, watch sunrise on a beach.
Cover a song with my ukulele.

We finally got a sewing machine. It's a Babylock Anna. I am calling it Annabelle. >:)

We went to Goodwill to pick up a few dresses and cheap tees to reconstruct. Our first project together was frustrating (well, for me) and time consuming. We probably shouldn't jump into something complicated first but at least it was only $2. Thank you, Goodwill!  It wasn't a complete fail but next time it'll be better.

Share your 2013 goals post in the comments!

Cute Finds

via Shadow Town
This is so tempting! It's only 20 cents. Why is is so cheap? Because the shipping is $4. PSST! You can find popular necklaces/jewelry on eBay for *only* $1 but you have to wait about a month for it to get to you.

I like those studded headbands. I have one already ^o^

Strawberry mug! Adorable.


via mon ennui cosmetics
Such a pretty peachy pink!

via clothless

via ttjewelry

Have a happy New Year + Wednesday! ♥