Weekly Art Challenge #1

Here's my first piece for my weekly art challenge! I have been working on this way too long. I didn't have a sketch ready or anything... just winged it. Next time I'll have something on paper to speed it up haha. I used a reference for the poses and played around with the other details.

I have always loved black lineart but decided not to do it here at the last minute. It's something I've always been curious about in Sai Paint Tool. I saw others do it without explaining how (boo!) so I'll share here. WIP

Sai Paint Tool- Changing Black Lineart
Select your lineart layer and check the Preserve Opacity. I chose the Pen tool and a darker color for the outline's art. Just paint over it. Super easy!

Who is going to join me on this challenge?

   Happy Halloween!


STYLE: New Hair with Ion Brights Mint


Florals OOTD
top/belt/shoes- thrifted  skirt- bear & twine

October flew by for me. It makes me a little sad! I hope I can get on top of things soon. It's really difficult for me because I've feeling this heaviness all over my body and can't force myself to get back into routine yet. I wonder if it's because of the season change.

I have added a few goals onto my list and I'm putting time aside to learn new things to prepare for it! One is learning to draw in general/digitally and challenging myself to draw one piece each week.

I have been watching two Korean dramas this month. The first one was Who Are You? and it's about a detective that woke up from a coma with the ability to see ghosts. It's interesting if you're into crime/horror/mystery/romance. Yes all of that in there! haha I'm currently halfway into watching The Master's Sun. It's the typical drama with ghosts thrown in. Girl begins to see ghosts after an accident and crosses paths with a CEO jerk~ The ghosts in this one sometimes look ridiculous, use google images if you're curious! Both are on Hulu.

Just a head's up: 25% off on orders of $10+  with coupon code 25FALL ends Nov 1st!


Cute Finds

1)  TheTinyHobo: This made me laugh. I love it!

2)  WeepingGrove: I like aliens and UFOs.. this necklace is pretty awesome
3)  ji ji kiki: This is adorable! There's not enough dark colored cutie foxes :3

4)  The Kawaii Machine: How cute is this skater dress? The bats are my favorite part!!

5)  Kelsea Echo The perfect ring for Halloween! Pastel brains :D This is one piece from the Sparkle Skull collection! Use "CRISSY10" for 10% off!

6)  HelloHarriet: I'll love puppy faces on all my nails! lol You can click the link to view the other dogs.

7)  Lisa Barbero: A cute lemon illustration! These colors are so pretty together. Save $5 on purchases of $20 with "ICDEADPPL".

8)  ColorTheoryShop: I wish I could own this! I have had my eyes on pastel plaids for awhile. I need all the pretty skirts.

9)  Sugar And Vice Designs: For you mermaids~ Lavender is becoming one of my favorite colors these days!

10)  SimplyNo: Want! I didn't even notice it was high waisted.. what a plus :D

11)  Hanaletters:
Really into the geometric look of this fox brooch!

12)  Love, Teacup Kissess: If you need gifts for your friends for the holidays, here you go! Adorable mini sketches :D


Leggings are pants

tops- thrifted leggings- forever21 shoes- payless ring- spacegeekshop

I went to a thrift store with my boyfriend since he had to put together a costume. It is impossible not to go through the racks and I needed long sleeves for myself anyway. Anxiety hot flashes made layering impossible and uncomfortable years ago. I still don't own that many layering pieces or long sleeves... my wardrobe is pretty much 90% summer attire!! Yay for not living in snowy areas!

Every top that I got was only $6. It's so rare to find things that cheap in our thrift stores. Has anyone else gotten lazy with the new season? I'm going to challenge myself to dress up more and learn the art of layering from Marlen's posts! 

I hate that my to-do lists are forever long but soon I'll be caught up. I have no more openings for custom designs until the next year but my shop is having a sale on all orders of $10+ for a limited time. Use 25FALL for 25% off! I need some extra money for somebody's birthday coming up 😜



Sai Paint Tool: Luna Hat

Luna Hats

I had a rare moment of wanting to draw. I am loving all the art I am seeing from #inktober especially from Tatyana , Tori and Juliana. I was feeling a little inspired to actually open up Sai Paint Tool and get my tablet out. Usually I do a sketch on paper, take a picture of it and then go over it in the program. One day I will have a scanner again.

I am into pastel colors lately and I really wanted to do a girl with mermaid minty hair! I don't want to challenge myself to draw everyday because then I won't do it. I really want to get more experience and eventually develop a style at the speed of a snail apparently.

Luna hats will be available very soon! I also plan to crochet some Artemis and Diana colors as well. I don't know why I'm so into Sailor Moon everything.  Even though I'm a slacker watching the shows and reading it!  :(


Lace & Corset OOTD

We had planned to go a Renaissance Faire awhile ago but still didn't have that much time or money to come up with an outfit. This was one of the first outfits I put together and of course I went with different pieces later. :D I am glad that I didn't wear this top because sitting in the sun for the joust was the worst. I am lucky that my burn turned a tan the next day!

top- c/o sammydress  corset- orchardcorsets  skirt-ebay  shoes-payless

Next time I'll love to go for the whole weekend and save up money to buy all the things. My favorite spot was the 21+ area since it was less crowded and had some shade.  I have no idea what I want to wear next year! Maybe I can take the time to sew it myself.

Everything was mostly good until this summer and our wifi started to act up.  I'm not sure what to do other than cancel design orders for now. Resetting the router is only a temporary fix, if it even works..  I can use my phone for a few things but enabling data doesn't always work anymore. It's really irritating at this point since my messages show up as sent on my end but never get through.

I have also taken down my swaps for the time being. I got a  rush of them out of nowhere and I don't have time yet to go through it.  I would prefer having more time to get to know the person behind the blog than being a silent swapper.   Have I missed anything? I hate being absent. 😄


OOTD matches my hair & crafts

dress- thrifted | skirt- Bear and Twine | shoes- thrifted
I've been trying to pair more dresses with skirts but it's usually floral against more floral haha.  I need more plain color dresses or awesome prints! Most of my wardrobe is for summer so I wonder how long that's going to last before I wear a hoodie nonstop. I know some of you have been experiencing the weird weather in California. It's freezing in the morning and gets as high as the 90s fast. :/

Missing a day or two feels equivalent to a week sometimes. I have all kinds of craft projects I want to do and have been taking advantage of it before the procrastination hits.

Space Geek

My favorites are the bats and mini oreos! I'm going to work on a cat very soon.  Space Geek is my new name for the handmade shop since I've partnered up with someone :D I'll have more details on that once we get more settled.


Workout Routine

My arms are going to fall off as I type this. I started a routine only a few months ago and always set aside one hour for it. I know time is a huge excuse for everyone and I felt like that too. I'll rather prioritize my health, wake up early or put something off one hour later. It's difficult to believe how much energy you get out after a good routine when you're starting off and you feel like death.

I'll love to post more of what I'm doing and hopefully change things up! Summer seems like a pretty reasonable time to reach my goals.  Take it slow, gain strength and maintain the results.

I like Blogilates the best because there's new calenders every month and all you have to do is put those up in tabs. There is a beginner calender available on the website!

I'm up for the challenge to follow October's calender. Each day focuses on one part like legs, core, arms, etc. There is a recovery day every Friday with stretches. I'm thinking of swapping recovery day for the morning of a hike!
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