style | hazy effect with sharpies

Dainty Fawn Hazy Effect
Dainty Fawn Hazy Effect

Orange and purple corners! :D

I've wanted to do this for awhile now and finally got around to experimenting with this. I used a plastic bag to create a hazy effect and added in some color using sharpies. It took awhile waiting for some sunlight to peek through the trees to hit the lens. It was fun while it lasted haha.

Now that I'm not doing sessions anymore, it makes me want to get out to shoot some personal projects/concepts. I still really want to stay out of the business for awhile. I want this summer to be fun, maybe have some last minute shoots!

top- forever21 | skirt- thrifted | shoes- payless | flower clip- forever21
Happy Friday!! :D


style | sea life

Hideaway by Kiesza on Grooveshark

I saw this and knew I had to have it! The dress is from Love21.  I really love it. It's called Sea Life if you want to get it. I'm not really familiar with their sizing. It's supposed to be a half size larger than Forever21 and had to go through  reviews to help me pick a size.  The waist is really open though so  a belt really helps.

The lighting was so pretty, I bugged him for a normal picture! He always makes me laugh too much and 90% of those pictures he made a funny face secretly.

I also picked up a few things. I have been trying to take better care of my skin by at least cleansing twice a day, removing makeup and using some masks/treatments.  My skin gets worse when I stick to a routine so hoping this time it will work.  That sheet mask left me with very smooth skin and no redness the next morning!! I think it's funny it's for blemished skin and the packet says do not use on pimples.

I have been working on some hats. The first one is Sailor Moon :) It just needs a little more sewing then it'll be complete! 


beaches + style

These are from my birthday weekend! I didn't take many pictures because of the heat and we were having too much fun. After that little trip, I can't complain about how hot it is here. It could be worse haha. Why is that so difficult these days to take a camera out and just shoot? Number #1 summer goal!

top- forever21 |  corset- orchardcorset | jeans - charlotte russe | plugs- AvenueB (etsy)

I wonder if this is the first appearance of jeans on this blog? High waist yesss!  It has been over four weeks wearing my new corset. Orchard Corset is coming out with a mesh one eventually. I'm hoping it releases in time for summer. I don't know how long I'll keep up corset training for but for now, strengthening up my core is a must! Process has been slow for me. Started out with doing planks for 20 seconds (dying, so badly out of shape) and now I can hit nearly 2 minutes.

I'll love to work out with a routine but it's something I haven't done in forever and it's really stressful on my body.  I can't seem to do cardio without my body going into anxiety mode when my breathing changes drastically. Does this happen to anyone else?


Cute Finds

FINALLY Sailor Moon is now available on Hulu! I have been trying to catch up by reading it and finding videos online. I would occasionally switch between the dubbed but I didn't like it. It's pretty awesome to have the sub on here.

Here's some awesome original art on skateboards made by some of my friends :)

Kittens Against Cat Calls
I love that Marie from Aristocats was included in this. There's not enough love for her! Luna is pretty adorable with those eyes ♥

Peacock Titanium Quartz ring
All of my favorite colors into this pretty dainty ring. I'm usually not into raw stone jewelry unless it's amethyst but this is nice.

Clerks Necklace
This made me laugh. I love Clerks and Kevin Smith.


So much yes. There's also brooches of Daria, Buffy, Freaks & Geeks, Scully & Mulder, Ghost World & many, many more!

Luna Bluehair Cutie Button
Love, Teacup Kisses has some cute buttons now! Buy and wear it :D
Heart Shaped Sunglasses
I already own regular white and red ones.. but it would be cool to own a pair like this especially in purple :D

What are some things you've found lately? Share posts/links. :)


style | floral + birthday trip

I'm leaving for our trip tomorrow morning! My birthday is this Saturday. :D I'll be gone til Sunday but will be sharing pictures on my instagram and most likely tweeting away. I'm hoping to at least visit something while we are passing through LA.

After taking these photos, I just went for a custom color on top of it using Special Effects dyes. Ion Bright's lavender still didn't cover well even with extra tubes. The new dye came out darker than I thought but I guess that would be good since we will be at beaches.  No sun bleached hair!

top- gojane | skirt- bear & twine | belt- f21

These false lashes are my new favorite. A+ for you, boyfriend.


Daisy Granny Heart Bags

It was birthday last weekend so I wanted to make some things for myself. I added the Daisy Center Granny Heart pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs to my queue earlier in the month. I've been wanting to make it but not as a dishcloth since it'd be too pretty to use! So I decided to make them into some bags.

I made 2 hearts, single crocheted them together, and added a strap. It turns out the day after I made mine (on my birthday!), the pattern designer put up a Granny Heart Purse pattern on her blog!! Go check it out! It's cute!

 Made in May 2014.


style- handmade skirt

top-thrifted |  skirt- diy | shoes- gojane

My boyfriend and I made this skirt together earlier this year. It was a fail, btw. I can probably get away with wearing it by pinning the side and having everyone keep their distance. ;D I thought two people would be better than one in trying to tackle a project like this. Nope, we equally suck. We accidentally put a piece on the wrong way and we were too far into it to want to start over. We also put in a side zipper for the first time.

We followed this tutorial by Annika from The Pineneedle Collective. It wasn't a complete fail because it does look alright BUT it was made too large. Our mistake!

I'll like to attempt this tutorial again and probably with elastic as well. I'm glad that this wasn't my top favorite fabric! I am clinging onto the pretty ones until I'm confident with sewing.

What's your latest craft projects?


style | sunflowers + lavender

Ion came out with pastel colors for their Brights dye last year. I never once thought I would ever buy any of those.   The consistently of these dyes are too thick by itself.  Added some conditioner with it for an easier and even application. As you can see... I only did half my hair.  I normally use 2 full tubes for my whole head but figured out quickly that it wasn't enough this time!

Not sure if it's because it's a pastel dye and it must be extra saturated to fully coat the hair?  I don't know, I'm a pastel hair noob. I've had this "in between" hair look for probably a week already. Good thing I love Cruella Del Vil hair!  I haven't seen this color combination before so it's just different.

dress- @10dollardressshop | shoes- payless

This print is something I normally wouldn't go after. But why not?! Sunflowers. I'll try it! I kind of dig the faded fabric but those straps need to be fixed and shortened.

I made the decision last month to "quit" my photography business. It felt inevitable. It's time to move on. It might happen later but I need to focus on a different path for now. I might do some side projects with photography with friends.
I'll love to hear experiences similar to mine. Quitting something and pursuing something different, did it work out for you?
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