Pink Unicorn with Rainbow Hair Amigurumi


I made this unicorn amigurumi from a pattern from Örgü Modelleri. I only found out after I bookmarked it that it wasn't in English. I loosely translated it. I only used the pattern for the unicorn body and horn. Everything else I modified or created myself. 

I used Big Twist yarn. Size E hook. 20mm Safety Eyes.

Eyelid pattern: 

use the same hook as body

Chain 8.

Skip 1, sc in 7 chains across.

Skip 1, Dec 1, sc in next 2 sts. Dec in last.

Dec twice.

Hair pattern:

I did dark pink, light pink, orange, yellow, light blue, and lavender for the rainbow hair. I made about 4 pieces of each color.

hook E

Chain 46.

Skip 1, sc across. Turn.

Sc across.

Twist each strand for the curl.

Rose pattern:

hook D or E

Chain 31.

Row 1: Skip 1 chain. Chain 2, skip next chain, sc in next chain. *Sc, chain 2, skip 1, sc in next ch* repeat across.

Row 2: 

-Chain 1. *3 hdc, ch 1, sl st* in ch-2 space.

-Sl st in next ch-2 space. *ch 1, 3 hdc, ch 1, sl st* into the space/hole.

-Sl st in next ch-2 space. *sl st, ch 1. 3 hdc, ch 1, sl st* repeat across until last 2 ch-2 spaces/holes.

The last 2 spaces you want to repeat the above but increase the 3hdc to 4hdc then 5hdc for the last.

Note: I made a matching rose headband by making 3 extra roses and attaching it to a chain of about 80.

Wings (make 4 pieces):

    Chain 16

1. Starting from 2nd chain from hook, sc in each ch across.

2.Ch 1 and turn, sc in next 14 sts. Chain 3 and turn.

3. Start in the 4th st from hook, sc in next 10 sts then decrease 1.

4. Ch 1 and turn, sc in next 9 sts. Chain 3 and turn.

5. Start in the 4th st from hook, sc in next 7 sts then decrease 1.

Turn the piece to crochet into the corner and along the side (edge where chains are)

6. Decrease twice, sc in the side corner in next 2sts. Sc across the side (where the chains are)

Leave a long tail for sewing 2 pieces together. Whip stitch edges together.

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