Spring Beauty Voxbox 2012

Spring Beauty Voxbox

I got my first voxbox on my birthday! How cool is that? I received the Spring Beauty Box full of these lovely goodies. I have been trying these out for over a week now :D

Spring Beauty Voxbox

Spring Beauty Voxbox products

SheerCover Duo Concealer
Sheercover Duo concealer

I open up the eye area by putting concealer in the corners of the eye and under. It's a decent product that is creamy/moist and stays on nicely when used with a primer underneath. I am shocked at how bright the area looks. I'm NC20 & went with the light/medium shades!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

I love their moisturizers and was excited to see that they have body washes. (I'm out of the loop!) Skin is left soft in comparison to other washes I've tried and it lathers up nicely with a drop. Less is more PLUS smells good and can be used as an alternative to shaving cream. Full size please!

Chapstick Lip Shield

I have extremely dry lips and when I read the "advanced formula" on the package, I knew this was the first thing I'll try! Most products leave the lips with a waxy protection. This is quite moisturizing, fills in the cracks and a good dupe for lipgloss without the stickiness.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I got mine in Wild Child. My nails are tiny and didn't expect these to work but I let it settle for awhile then trimmed it to fit. :D I use my hands quite a bit craftin' & these lasted for several days.

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Mist
Bath and Body Works  Paris Amour Mist
Generous full size! This is a good mist for sensitive noses. Usually, I can't handle floral sprays but it's a light mix of fruity and floral. Reminds me of a little of bubblegum.

Dr Scholl's (for her) Ball of Foot
Dr Scholl's Ball of Foot in wedges

My wedges! These cushions helped me wear these longer without the usual burning aches. No more straining or having cramps in my feet from the stretching. I'm familiar with Dr. Scholl's inserts! My feet are flat, my favorite shoes are either flats or have some kind of arch that takes awhile to get used to. These inserts are a cushioning, massaging gel. It's easy to remove without damage.

Soyjoy Blueberry
I have been thinking about trying a healthy bar smack but there were so many and didn't want to go through the trial and error process. (Picky!) This is a healthy version of a blueberry muffin! Real fruit, tastes good and I'll actually like to try other flavors.

Would you try any of these products? Have you already?

*These products were sent to me from Influenster.


Photographing Amigurumi Tips - How to Get Your Amigurumi To Look like it's Standing

If your amigurumi doesn't stand up on its own, there are a few things you can try:

1. Lean the amigurumi against something.

I've used a notebook as the background and had someone hold the top side of the notebook just right so the amigurumi doesn't fall over. I've also leaned the notebook up against books and pillows.

2. You can try putting tape on the bottom of the amigurumi. 

The tape may be somewhat visible, but you could edit it out later. I've done this to amigurumis that are a bit top heavy.

3. You can lay the amigurumi down and take the photo from above.

You can also try using a white paper and fold a part of the bottom as a flap for it to stand on. I try this for a more consistent look for shadows in the background.

Whether these work or look good for your amigurumi, depends on the design, size, and the angle of the photo.

Made in May 2012.


The Purple Elephant Amigurumi

I get inspired to do so many projects at a time, I often don't finish most of them for years or I just end up completely forget about them and stumble on a bag of stuff later wondering what I was doing!


I recently found this little elephant guy. I think I made him only a few months ago... as well as about 5 other colors  I made that I have yet to sew. Oops!

Made in May 2012.


Puff Stitch Video

I received a couple of questions about the stitches in the puff stitch hat. The video is for the puff stitch itself and the photo tutorial is for a decrease puff stitch.

The first puff stitch round is easy until you are greeted with holes (spaces) in the next round.

Focus on the loop on top of each puff stitch. There's where you put your puff stitches and increase (two puffs in one!)

If you are having difficulties crocheting through a tight stitch, go into that space instead! (even I cheated)

Yarn over and insert the hook into the front loop of a puff stitch.

Yarn over and pull through the remaining loops.

Puff stitch:
Yarn over, insert hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru 3 loops
*Yarn over, insert back into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru loops.*
(*repeat 3 more times)

Dec puff:
Yarn over, insert hook into front loop of the puff st then insert hook into the next st's front loop, yarn over and pull 3 loops thru.
Yarn over, pull 2 loops thru.

Hope this helps!

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