Makeup: Icy Purple

purple hair makeup

These are my favorite colors from my Coastal Scents 252 palette. I'm still terrible at blending but there's really not much transition shades to work with. Everything is so vivid and pigmented. I'll love more matte and lighter shades to work with.

purple hair
curly girl method purple hair

Next month I'm going to complete one class, have my birthday party, take the final exam for another class & go to Fanime! Next week's work is going to be ridiculous. I'm going to be drained from working out and studying.

Who is ready for summer? :D


Review: Proliss Twister Clipless Curling Iron

I won a gift card to SneakPeeq from Violet's giveaway on Blythe Ponytail Parades!! This curling iron caught my eye at that time.  I was dying for a clipless iron! It was around $25 on that website.

I only had to pay for the shipping! A downside is that the items are shipped two weeks from date of purchase *plus* waiting for the actual shipping to you! I'll say this was worth the wait.

So far I'm loving the waves that I get from this. There's no light indication for when it's ready and you have zero control over the temperature. I'm going to assume since my hair was easily curled that it's around 350-450F. Occasionally it might smell weird at times. I love that the whole rod heats up because my other iron doesn't heat up at the tip. My hair is too long and I have to wrap it around the iron too many times. Clipless option works great!

Update 2018: I still own this curling iron and it works well.


Pattern: Puff Stitch Hat

Puff stitch:
Yarn over, insert hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru 3 loops
*Yarn over, insert back into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru loops.*
(*repeat 3 more times)

Dec puff:
Yarn over, insert hook into front loop of the puff st then insert hook into the next st's front loop, yarn over and pull 3 loops thru.
Yarn over, pull 2 loops thru.

If you prefer an image tutorial then here

❤worsted yarn
❤h hook (5.00m)
❤optional: yarn needle to weave ends in.

10 dc into magic ring.
Inc in each stitch around.
Ch 1. Puff st in each stitch. Slip stitch.
*Puff st in next 2 sts, inc* (two puff stitches in one!) around.
*Puff st in next 3 sts, inc puff st in next st* around
*Puff st in next 4 sts, inc puff st in next st* around
*Puff st in next 5 sts, inc puff st in next st* around
*Puff st in next 6 sts, inc puff st in next st* around
*Puff stitch in next 7 sts, inc puff st in next st* around
*Puff stitch in next 8 sts, inc puff st in next st* around
*Puff stitch in next 6 sts, dec puff in next* around
Puff stitch around (in each previous puff stitch)
Puff stitch around
Puff stitch around
Puff stitch around
Sc in each stitch around.
Sc in each stitch around.
Sc in each stitch around.
Sc in each stitch around.
Sc in each stitch around.
Sc in next 8 sts, dec

I love puff stitches!Anyone going to crochet this hat? ;D
Look on Ravelry!


Amigurumi: Crocheting Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise / Right Side & Wrong Side

When crocheting in the round, there's a "right" (front) side and a "wrong" (back) side. Which side is the front side is up to you!

For me, the "right" side is usually the side with the v's of the stitches (photo 1) and the wrong side has the upside down v's with the bar on top (photo 2).

When I first learned how to crochet amigurumi, I crocheted in the round counter-clockwise. That method would leave my "right" side (with the v's of the stitches) inside the work and I'd need to turn it inside out when I was done.

But now I crochet from the outside to the inside, moving clockwise around the piece. My "right" side is always facing outwards. I found it to be a lot easier and comfortable for me to do it that way than to keep doing it counter clockwise and flipping the pieces. I also noticed my color changes looked a lot neater on that side.

If you're following a pattern and want your "right" side to be different from the pattern's "right" side, you have to see if the pattern has:

  • complex color changes (not just simple stripes) since it looks different on "right" and "wrong" sides.
  • stitches that are worked in the front loops only or in the back loops only because those may possibly be used in the pattern to add texture or shaping.
  • small circumference pieces because it may alter the shape. (The side with the v's of the stitches give your shapes more roundness.)

If the pattern is fairly simple and doesn't require crazy shaping, you can have whichever side as the "right" side and it will turn out fine!

Made in April 2012.

Duck and Bunny Amigurumi

I am turning some of my old pixel art into actual amigurumi!  My favorite ones are the whipped cream head bunny and the duck in the panda bear hat.  The duck I actually had a keychain stuffed animal of!

  ♥ foxes (WIP)  have been trying to design one.

I'm going to attempt to sew a plushie! A sewing machine is too expensive right now and I'm going to figure out how to put things together first by hand.  Rather not go insane with a sewing machine and be discouraged with my noob skills!


Rainbow Narwhal Amigurumi

I made a narwhal yesterday! :3 It has crocheted eyes and a rainbow-y tusk.

What have you been working on lately?

Made in April 2012.


Review: HIP Loreal Gel Liner

HIP Loreal Gel Liner
Price: $10

I used this gel liner for nearly a year.  I loved this product. Coming from a person who can't wear normal eyeliner without turning into a raccoon within the hour.

Personally, I like the brush but it may feel too hard for some. It's sturdy and picks up a lot of product. A little goes a long way and it's difficult to remove with water. This stays on the waterline. Perfect for a tightline to the eyes to give a fuller and darker lash effect.

This product stayed on while having watery eyes, rubbing my eyes, and rain. It's also good for those needing a waterproof fill for dark, black brows!  That's why I kept going back because it was my first time using a gel liner and it actually didn't budge with my oily lids.

I have gone through 3-4 pots with practically daily use. The first pot lasted a good two months and the rest were barely 4 weeks.  This product needs to be used up fast! I still had more than half of the product left when it dried out.

Something's off with the quality lately. I've tried the microwave trick by using water and saline drops to make it creamy again but it's only temporary. Now I'm left with irritated eyes. Once it's dried, you get these hard clumps that either smear on your eyelid accidentally or get in your eye. :(

Recommended: DO NOT BUY

What's your eyeliner preference? (pencil, eyeshadow, liquid or gel liner)


Squittle Amigurumi

♥ ♥ LISTED! ♥ ♥

These are the new ones I made! Crochet and knit tentacles. Pastel colors just in time for Spring and a hot pink one thrown in. I love that each one is slightly different. These will be going up on Squittle soon :D

There is an announcement on our facebook page~ we are having a sale on select items:
20% -40% off! 

I LOVE that these babies stay up on their own! Except for those knit squids. Those are the sleepy ones

NEW item by Anda is this nautilus plush! More items will be coming soon and we are combining shipping if you buy from the sale! :)

Please check out these links!! ♥ ♡ ♥

Adorably Kawaii


Designing Your Own Amigurumi: Use the basics creatively!

Amigurumi are sculptures made of fabric. Typically, an amigurumi consists of basic shapes of body parts: head, body, arms, legs. And depending on the design, most would make the head in a sphere/circle shape & the body, arms, and legs in a cylinder/oval/tube shape.

There's many shapes you can make for your amigurumi and there's a few different ways to make each shape, in the round (3D) or flat (2D). You need to be familiar with increases and decreases and how to use them together to create the shape you want.

You might also want to look into learning more stitches. There's short stitches, tall stitches, and more advanced/decorative ones. More complex shapes may not be the predictable even increases or decreases but a combination of increases, decreases, small stitches, tall stitches, etc.

You really just need to experiment. To get a good understanding of techniques, you need to practice. You need to know the basics and apply them creatively.

It's essential to write out what you've done if you need more than one piece and want them to match or even plan to make more of this amigurumi.

Here's something I came across a few years ago that might help you get some ideas:

Check out the Sculptural Crochet Primer article on www.supernaturale.com

This is basically my process:

I like to start off with rough sketches of the amigurumi design, then I figure out about how big I want it, and then I break it up into it's basics shapes. I'll have the pattern mostly figured out and I'll usually need to make some adjustments as I crochet along. For the rest of the design like the details such as the face: I'll doodle, write notes, and try a few different things before deciding which I like the best.

Made in April 2012.


Cute Finds: Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows and it kills me that I have to wait so long for another episode. I'm really excited about the new companion. I love Amy and Rory but it's about time for someone new.


This is so awesome:

I began trying to find the Classic's online but of course most videos were taken down around that time. I really want to see the Fourth Doctor! I did enjoy what I found though.

Do you watch Doctor Who?

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