AdieHolly Dress ♥

I was in need of change. A distraction. Ashley had commented on my turquoise hair awhile ago and looking at pictures made me miss it! Now I have all of my favorite colors in my hair.

matching fabric buttons! ♥

dat collar

I had ordered a dress as a "distraction" as well but with everything going on I completely forgot about it!   I randomly stumbled upon the Etsy shop:  AdieHolly.  I adore tons of vintage dresses on Etsy but the prices make it unattainable (aka dies inside).  I instantly fell in love with the colors, floral print and the doily collar plus this baby was revived! You can view the before and after. I am barely 5'2" so it's long on me haha.

  Silk Blouse // Peter Pan Lace Collar Dress // High Waisted Shortsm // Babydoll Dress

I was going to return to blogging all sorts of things but not yet. Some of you saw my Instagram photo of the hospital room. A couple of friends actually messaged my boyfriend to see if I was okay. I am fine-- it's actually my mom in the hospital. I couldn't get into any details because at the time, there weren't any good news to share and I didn't want to explain those parts just in case something worse could happen. I thought it would at least explain my disappearance.

I decided it would be the best to cancel shoots, plans and blow most of my savings on a laptop. I could work while I'm in the hospital and then later at rehabilitation. It'll take weeks and I won't have to shut down my shops-- my only income as of lately. My boyfriend is the sweetest -- he gave me his old laptop. (An excuse for him to get something new. Sneaky.)

My shop is having a sale! Use the coupon code DAISY10 for 10% off on premade blogger layouts.

Happy Halloween!:)


Rainshadow Labs AEBG Eye Bright Gel Review

I have very sensitive eyes. A number of things could cause irritation and puffiness for me. I let my dogs sleep in my bed and I am allergic to dog dander. It gets worse when they are shedding their summer and winter coats. There has been many days waking up with watery eyes and puffy eyes. I was really excited to try this gel out. It is called the Eye Bright Gel by Rainshadow Labs.

Here is a little description:

This formula speaks to the deep and grounded evolution that Natural Skin Care Formulating has gone through in the last three decades in order to be able to deliver such a brilliant eye therapy product to you today. 

It is no exaggeration to say that this formula addresses every single eye area concern possible. Dark circles, wrinkles, sagging, puffing, loss of plump and firm, loss of tone and resilience....its all taken care of in this delicate and light gel.

I have always heard about starting some sort of eye cream early just to prevent rather than fix. The main reason why I haven't even done it yet was because I didn't want to use any harsh chemicals near my eyes. Rainshadow Labs products are organic!

It can be used daily- morning and night. Sometimes I would do a second application of the gel right under makeup and didn't use any concealer throughout the whole use to see if it does anything for dark circles. So far I really like it! My eye area looks refreshed, brighter and smooth.  I can't wait to see the results in a month or two.    It's safe to use as an all over face treatment so that is what I'll be doing next.

The gel has a really soft texture and reminds me more of jello than gel. This has a light cucumber scent!! I love that it has aloe in it sine the cooling sensation helps wake me up.

*This product was sent to me for review from Rainshadow Labs.


Fox Shoes DIY

Here's my fox shoes I did awhile back. I was inspired by my past project here. I had turned crocheted mary janes into a kitty! I really wanted to make a fox this time but with actual shoes so it could be worn without damaging it. Should I have gotten orange shoes instead? Hmm but I do like complementary colors... :)

The shoes I bought from here.  First I sketched a basic head to get an idea on the shape. I put a piece of felt over the shoe and cut a large rough shape around it. I slowly started trimming out the overall shape and ears, cut out the other details and went to sewing! Another piece of felt was added behind the head to give the ears a raised look.

My original plan had included safety eyes but I only had three at the time.  The shoes were pretty easy to push a needle through to sew the pieces on. 

What sort of DIY's have you done? Share links!


Freebies: Galaxy, Teal Glitter & Nature Social Media Sets

Here's a set of colorful galaxy, teal glitter and blues/green set!
All of these icons are transparent PNG's and sized at 50x50px.

Icons included are the ones shown:
facebook, twitter, instagram,pinterest, rss, email, storenvy and google plus. 



Color Bug Review

I have never tried a temporary color as a spray or even that DIY hair chalk.  This is my first time ever hearing of Color Bug!  I was curious. Would that even show up in my already dyed hair? I've only seen hair chalk on natural colors or pre-lightened & ombre hair.

Hunt Or Dye sent me this to try out. Color Bug is a temporary color that looks exactly like a large eyeshadow to me. The directions say you're supposed to wear a towel around your shoulders as you apply because it can get messy. The first time I used this, I had sprayed a bit of hairspray and applied it over it.  Very vibrant results!

I'm surprised the purple showed up on my hair! It took a bit of the product to build up. I also tried this without hairspray and I'm still not sure which one works better since I've already hit the pan. (So much hair.)

Colorbug did stain my hands and clothes slightly but it came right off with water.  I don't dare to wear white haha.   I've worn this about three times on separate days.  At first I didn't like it because of how much it would flake off onto me and it looked like I had this purple sunburn.  Less is more!

I applied a bunch for the last time and shook off the excess away from my body haha. This is a great temporary color if you're looking for an easy application, need to wash it out easily or want to try out multiple colors. Since it in a powder, it can build up on those darker hair colors. You don't have to be pre-lightened!!

Already so tempted to put some purple back in.  If I ever give up hair dye again, then I'll probably use this for an ombre effect or change up colors during summer. Hunt Or Dye also has Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, White and Pink that you can view here.

Have you tried a temporary color (a spray, maybe)?


Jellyfish Amigurumi Pattern

G hook, 18mm safety eyes
I haven't crocheted in a couple of months. I had to dig up old journals to find this pattern and I ended up making another one just to double check the numbers. It's my first Jellyfish design! I wonder what other sea creatures I could make… Not exactly sure what brand of yarn I had used because these were part of my leftover ball mess. My favorites are Vanna's Choice and Loops & Threads!

It's now up on Ravelry!  Read more for the pattern :)

D hook, 15mm safety eyes

Worsted Weight yarn
G or D hook
Polyfill stuffing
18mm or 15mm safety eyes
Weaving needle

Magic ring.
1.  6 single crochet into ring. (6)
2.  increase around (12)
3. "Single crochet, increase" around (18)
4. Single crochet 2 times, Increase" around (24)
5.-11 Single crochet around. (24)
12. "Single crochet 3 times, decrease" around. Single crochet in the last stitch.  (20)
13-17. Single crochet around. (20)
18. Single crochet once.
"Hdc 6 times in the next stitch, skip the next stitch,  Single crochet in the next 2 sts" around.
Single crochet in the last stitch. (50)
 Start stuffing and cut a short tail.

Magic ring
1.  6 Single crochet into the ring.
2.  Increase around. (12)
3.  "Single crochet, increase" around. (18)

Hold up the piece FIRST underneath to line up with the hole.  I like it to be small because then it'll lay flat.  If it's too tiny, then do another increase round. Leave a long tail to attach around the very bottom of the 6 HDC's.

Then cut a long tail to attach it.

TENTACLES: Make 6 or 7
1. Chain 30.
2. Skip one, single crochet across.
3.  Chain 1, skip one, single crochet across.

I always attach one tentacle in the middle and then two on each side. I turn it around and attach another across the middle one to make sure it lines up. There was enough space on mine to add a 7th one :)


Fall Wear OOTD

wig- ebay
jacket- gift
shirt- ebay
scarf & jeans- forever21
shoes- ebay
plugs- urban body jewelry
It's amazing to walk out wearing layers and not die from the heat within five minutes. I love these cloudy and cooler days. It's easier to fall asleep now that it's actually cold at night. The only bad part is that my puppy is a sun baby and whines at the sky for it to come out. 💔

I'll like to create one craft thing to share each month. I actually made a jellyfish back in July (so late!) and things got busy for me. I also lost track of the pattern but luckily I found the paper for it. I'm currently testing it out {again} just to be sure then type it up! Very soon I'll share my fox shoes diy!!  :D

I have been busy nonstop for the past 3 days. My goal for this month is to make $400. It's a bit higher than what I normally make each month but I have high hopes it'll be possible.

Thank you for your words & donations!!

Whoever opened up a shop using my link awhile ago, a huge thanks for you because my etsy bill was cut more than half!!!

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