Couple Session

This was the first time in so long that we have shot around noon so it was quite the challenge. We have this BEAUTIFUL rose garden in our area that we went to.  It's one of our go-to locations for sunset shoots since there's barely any shade. We had to use a huge reflector to cover them and I think it worked out pretty well! :)

This session was difficult NOT to smile at. I could barely handle the overload of cuteness. It's our first couple shoot. It'll probably be one of the best experiences we'll have since we are all friends! Fun and comfortable.

I managed to capture some candid moments and those are my favorite shots.

Happy Monday!!


Pin Curls + Gracie Mint OOTD

Pin curls! It's been SO long since I've done it. It is going to be a goal of mine to attempt a new hairstyle for long hair. I managed to do a fishtail braid a couple of years ago and I haven't been able to do it since. Hands are broken >:(

Does anyone remember that blazer from my first Thrifted Thursdays? I haven't figured out how to wear it yet! It's definitely still too hot and maybe I'll bug a friend to model it for me instead in a photoshoot. My favorite part would be those huge buttons!  The back is quite baggy. I THINK I could try to alter it noob style. Any tips would be awesome!

Onto the rest of the outfit...

blazer- thrifted
shirt- thirfted
skirt- ebay
shoes- thirfted
bag- jo totes

I'M SURE YOU HAVE NOTICED MY NEW BAG RIGHT?? ;D The Gracie Mint that's been on my wishlist since forever but things just got in the way. FINALLY IT'S MINE. I honestly didn't even consider getting the Gracie until the new colors won me over. I thought about getting black to better match what I wear but I knew I would get mad at myself later for not scooping up the mint. haha.

I was worried about the size because I have 3 other lenses that I'll love to bring with me plus a flash. Most bags I have don't fit everything.THIS ONE IS HUGE. Everything fits even his Rebel camera. Craziness.

This is definitely a Treat Yo Self purchase. Also bought a couple of dresses and pretty wigs. BUT THEY WERE ALL ON SALE (that means it's okay hahaha) :3  It may not stop there. No. Stop me.

But seriously, treat yo self!!

What's that one thing that you really want on your wishlist?

Now I'm off to forever saving up for my dream camera.  Happy Friday everyone!

- - - - - - - - - -

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It's Like Snow

What do you do when you have no one to steal for shoots? Self portraits!  Does this still count as an OOTD if I'm only wearing a shirt and pants? Hmm. The summer edition: "Too hot for clothes but I can't be naked" ootd.

I am finally noticing a change in my photography and I'm not left wondering what had went wrong. All our lenses are calibrated, no longer getting a ton of soft images and shooting more while the sun is high. I'm starting to see things in a different way.  I don't know why I was overcritical and trying to follow a set of rules I made in my head. I am looking at my recent sessions with a new eye and getting much more photos out of it. My goal was to get most of the images to look great straight out of the camera and it was a success!

 top- metallica concert 
pants- ebay
ring- gift
Tiny flowers have been dropping everywhere thanks to the neighbor's tree. This might be the closest thing to "snow" for me.

It has been EXACTLY one year since I attempted my first crop top. I have a couple of DIY project ideas lingering in my head. (Seems to involve fruit... am I always hungry?) Some of these will need a thrift store trip with fingers crossed!  I haven't found anything yet but maybe I'll plan a trip to a handful of stores and increase my chances?!  Or go on a unnecessary shopping spree :3

One of them involves a fox and shoes. I can't decide if I should buy flats or crochet the slippers to make it a complete DIY project but an actual shoe will probably be much more comfortable!

My favorite photo!  I'm currently loving Pout Paint.

I'm really surprised by how well this dye is holding up considering the never ending fail with Red. It's been 6 weeks and that Teal is going on strong even though I'm conditioner washing my hair almost everyday. I've been doing a hair regime for the past two weeks to speed up hair growth! I'll be making a post for that later. At least it'll be easy to see thanks to my roots... -_-

Have a good Friday!!


Cute Finds

1) Luna Necklace: I have own of these eventually. Luna is my favorite!!
2) Kawaii Squid Tee: WANT PLEASE.
3) Bulbasaur Ring: Isn't this cute?!
4) Polly Pocket: This reminds me of my childhood. I remembr collecting these! So awesome to see it again.
5) Octopus Necklace: I've seen MOST octopus/squid necklaces and this is new for me so of course it's on my wishlist haha :3
6) Grumpy Cat: I'm Thrilled: I read this in a funny voice. I LOVE the cat's expression haha 7) Dexter: LOL this expression. Love it!!
8) Daisy Sweater: I'm not really into sweaters or long sleeves but this would be the exceptation. Daisies please. I actually adore the red sweater, usually I'm not into the other colors when there's black.
9)Spock Ring: YES?! Another item going on my wishlist. It's awesome that it's nickel free which means my finger won't fall off from scratching it too much :D

1) Black Chiffion Demin Top Dress: This is pretty cute. Wish it had sleeves though.
2) Demin Skater Skirt: Love it! Also comes in a dark wash. Wantsssss.
3) Demin Lace Dress: I've never seen a demin lace dress before!
4) Distressed Demin Jacket: I may have to buy one of these for next Spring!
5) Mint Floral Shorts: These are pretty awesome. Obviously still not over mint and floral!!
6) Cross Cutout Dress: Another dress! :D

What's your favorites/latest finds?

 Happy Monday! ♥


What I Wore: two looks

dress- Forever21
skirt- unknown
headband- ebay 
plugs- plug club

I used to love red plaid when I was younger. I've had this skirt for a few years but haven't worn it at all. It's difficult to not immediately think it came from a schoolgirl costume. Right? Besides that, it's so tiny! I have seen pictures of what knee high boots and maxi skirts could do to a short person. "Oh. It makes them look cut off." That started the must only get mini skirts and dresses because I'm short. NOPE!

I don't believe in that anymore and now I want all the pretty things :(

Super excited for the couple session we are doing this weekend. I've had a few no-show's and this always happens when I'm in the mood to shoot and edit! So there might be more OOTD's from me for a bit haha.

glasses- c/o firmoo
top- ebay
pants- ebay
hat- silent daisy 
necklace/ring- ebay

lips- pout paint in "pin up"

Is it obvious that I don't show stomach often? It's still a little weird for me. I can't help but think of Amanda Palmer and the Rebellyon :) LOVE THY BELLY. 

I rarely ever wear jeans now that I got these high waisted pants. Since these were bought off of ebay, I know the quality won't be super awesome and eventually I'll have to sew up the crotch or butt.   Of course, it happened at the butt!! >:( I'll like to invest in some nice pants that hold up well and won't get my feetsies caught in many loose threads.  What I mean by invest is basically cheap. Maybe under $30? I'm not one to spend much money on jeans especially if it already has holes in it.  LET ME MAKE THOSE MYSELF.

Can I has lovely high waist jeans please? I can only imagine it's $50 and up online. Unless someone will share the secret?

The cheaper option would be hitting up the thrift stores but 95% of the time my size is out of stock or their sizes are only in even numbers. I'm the odd one out.  Do I squeeze into the previous size or work with the size up? Speaking of high waisted,  I recently won a swimsuit from Albion Fit and the swim bottoms are SO amazing.  I know that some people that think it's outdated but I love it so much and I can't wait to go swimming now.

I didn't show off my shoes in these because I've been playing favorites with these still.

Have a good Friday!!


Red to Teal Hair Without Bleaching

The red was still pretty bright and seemed impossible to go from red to green/teal without bleach.   All I could imagine was this muddy color but it came out mostly fine.

Be prepared that this method is super drying. I grabbed one of those protein deep conditioner treatment packets.  I also didn't dilute the baking soda that much, probably a super great idea for others to do that :P

1) Mix clarifying shampoo and baking soda into a paste.  Left it in and wrapped up my hair for 30 minutes. It actually took out most of the color.

2) Crushed up Vitamin C supplements and mixed it in with clarifying shampoo. Left it in for 40 minutes. Color still came out!

*Baking soda opens up the hair follicle and you'll need to reduce the pH/seal it with a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

3) Repeated another baking soda paste for about 15 minutes.

I mix apple cider vinegar and conditioner together. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse out. If you hate the smell like me, you can use shampoo and do a conditioning treatment afterwards.

Doesn't that look like a scary mess?

I chose Ion Bright's Teal as a base color.  I ordered Punky's Alpine Green and it came to me in a few days. Quickest shipping ever for the impatient me. :3  It covered all the uneven, dark and blonde pieces!

It would come out much lighter and brighter with freshly bleached hair but it's still awesome and bright enough for me. It's crazy how much color was taken out using these fading methods. My next color will either be Special Effects Fishbowl or Punky's Atlantic Blue or Apple Green :D

You'll get much better results if you do this method and lightly bleach your hair! :)


Cute Finds

1) Cat Face Wedges: I've been admiring those cat face flats for so long but wedges? These look like it'll be fun to walk in.
2) Pink Oxfords: Okay, I just want all of these. D:
3) Lace Heel Boots: I really love lace up boots, this lace and that brown. I wish I could comfortably wear heels without my flat feetsties hating me forever.
4) Black Velvet Dog Face: This is my first time seeing a dog face on shoes! More please.
5) Navy Floral Jelly Boots: I wasn't aware of JELLY BOOTS plus in a blue floral?!
6) Oxford Flats More oxford for just because.
7) Antaina Pink Shoes: I love the bow and the tiny straps. It's also available in baby blue!
8) Oxford Platform Creepers Can this be my next Christmas present?!

1) Angel Wings Purse: I love this color!
2) Pineapple Handbag: Cute! There's also a pink one :3 I love pineapple accessories and patterns but definitely not eating it haha.
3) Biscuit Bag: This is pretty adorable! It also has a fork :D
4) Strawberry Shoulder Bag: Ugh, this would be such a cute summer/makeup bag.
5) Green Bow Bag: I've seen many similar bags. Still want them all.
6) Bolso Kawaii: I never thought I would like a white bag so much. I couldn't ever put it on the floor though.
7) Grumpy Cat Face: So tempting to get this bag. That face is hilarious.

Which one is your favorite?


Watermelon Scarf Pattern

I'm super late with posting this! I made this back in May, took photos and wrote up the PDF for it but never took final shots of it. Can you tell I am super amused by this heat??   I thought I was smiling but apparently not haha. This is my crocheted watermelon scarf. I made one forever ago but I love this one so much more! It has two buttons on it so can either be worn like a scarf around the neck or have it loose around the shoulders :)

Or well, it can be watermelon cape. That works too!

I'm not sure if I would list this as a beginner project. I put together a PDF with pictures to help guide you :) You can download it here .

K, 6.50mm hook
Pink & Green Worsted Weight Yarn
Sewing Needle 1 or 2 Buttons & Matching Thread
Black felt & Matching Thread


Row 1 in Pink)
Chain 3. "2 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc" in the last chain. Chain 3 and Turn.

Row 2)
2 Dc in the first st.
Chain 1. "3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc" in the ch-1 space hole.
Chain 1, 2 Dc in the last st.

Chain 3, Turn.

Row 4) 2 Dc in the first st.
Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 space leading up to the top.
Chain 1. "3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc” in the top point.

*Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 spaces* til the end.
Chain 3, Turn.

Repeat (Row 4) 11 (eleven) times. Start each row with a chain 3.

Switch to Green.

Row 1) Start with a Chain 3. 2 Dc in the first st.
Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 space leading up to the top.
Chain 1. "3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc " in the top point.

*Chain 1. 3 Dc in each ch-1 spaces* til the end.
Chain 3, Turn.

Repeat (Row 1) 5 (five) more times.
Cut. Weave in all ends.

All you've left to do is cut out small ovals and sew your seeds onto your scarf!

Sew a button or two on the top section of the green.

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