Watercolor Logo Design

I recently tried doing some hand-drawn watercolor stuff for logos. I want to paint more so I figured I'd try it instead of making vectors in Illustrator.

It's a bit faster since I'm more comfortable drawing on paper than on a tablet. For my vectors, I don't use a tablet or a mouse to draw them. I always use the touchpad on my laptop. I've been doing it for so many years that I just can't get the hang of using a mouse again or anything else.

Here's a watercolor design I made for Cottage Knits & Crochet. She wanted it to have a beach cottage feel with blue hydrangeas and shells.

Now I'm coming up with more ideas for some premade logos for Minty Fox Designs! I really want to paint one with a yarn theme. And maybe a kitty one... oh, and succulents.


Ami-Along 2016

Ami-Along is starting again this year! It's a 2 month long event for amigurumi lovers and will take place on Ravelry from June 27th to August 31st 2016. Make amigurumi from the eligible patterns from the participating designers, join in discussions & make new friends, and play forum games.

By making an amigurumi from a paid pattern, your finished amigurumi will get you a chance at winning a prize. There are many great digital pattern prizes and some physical prizes! If you’d like to buy paid patterns, there’ll be a special sale running (offered by all participating designers) - 25% off all patterns. Just use the code AMIALONG2016 in your Ravelry cart! The code is valid from June 27th to July 3rd 2016.

Link to the list of all participating patterns are here: http://www.ravelry.com/bundles/patterns-eligible-for-2016
These are free and paid amigurumi patterns designed by participating designers. All free and paid ami patterns can take part.

Check out the group for more information.

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