Cute Finds: Animal Scarves

I'm in love with these animal scarves. I made a crocheted kitty one before but these knit scarves are so much cuter and have better shape ;.; Of course I want the bunnies and foxes

Visit Cateaclysmic Crafts for more goodies! ♥

Has anyone made knit amigurumi before? 

It's not something I see often so I can imagine how complicated it is.

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  1. So cute. The top one is my favorite. I wish I could crochet.

  2. I really like these and I think I need that wolf one! Like having a little friends around your neck all the time. :)

  3. I have thought about learning to knit amigurumi. My main reason? Mochimochiland.com

  4. Zombie bunny hahahaha! AWESOME! I want to learn to crochet!!

  5. those scarves are SO cute! haha, I would love one of them!

  6. These scarves are so cuteee! youre so talented!



  7. Super cute. I've run into her shop before and I'm definitely on the edge of getting a bunny scarf.

  8. Oh wow! I love the rabbit! It reminds me of a fox I knitted by Tiny Owl Knits :) I'll get a photo and upload it later. It's such a simple pattern and it's only $5 :)


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