Cute Finds

via: meltydream
There's also a Little Mermaid skirt in that shop. Want!!!

I still don't have a heart cutout dress.  I need this.

via: adorably kawaii
Affordable pattern or you could grab a mini sleepy fox instead.

via: elliotjackson
This is amazing. Hand sculpted fox!  I love this rhino too.

via: brave  store

Cat and heart stockings

via: koala art & design
The chandelier look is pretty nice.

via: the bohemian faerie
Okay, this might be Etsy teehee but this is an exception!

via:sawdust bear

There's also cute postcards in there. Check it out!

via:naputa's secret garden
This comes with a smaller cat bag! :3

via: coral clover

Happy Thursday! 

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