Black Velvet

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I am going to make 2014 my year. Things will happen. I'm much happier sticking with this:  "no negativity". Something simple as a twitter status has inspired me. Thank you, Em!!

This month has flown by for me:
-Taken so many pictures. I'm behind in posting them :(
-Changed my shop name to Minty Fox Designs.
-Continued my 365 project.
-Did some watercolours and sketches in Paint Tool Sai!
-Hit 50+ sales & 100 messages in one day.
-Two photo sessions.
-Sick for a week.
-San Francisco's Academy of Sciences

Lipstick: ELF's Rosy-Go-Round

Dress: Forever21

I have made the choice to only support small businesses for now. I'm really not liking the emails I've been receiving.  It's impersonal.  It's honestly not a good first impression and it's really off-putting.  It only takes three seconds to see my name and a few minutes to read my about me to get a better idea of what I'm like. It's simple. I would rather work with those who actually want to work with me rather than being an email address or "Dainty Fawn". Is that my name? Nope. Also,  how is belitting someone going to make them WANT to advertise your brand for zero compensation?  It doesn't matter how if your numbers are small, don't feel pressure to do work for free. :)

I'm ready to make plans and have more adventures. I really want to take my photography to the next level and do some personal projects. Thinking also a mini trip should happen this year. It feels like it's time!

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