Style: Florals in Winter

My first post of the new year! I've been doing my own thing for the past few months. It feels strange to go on this unannounced hiatus so I could focus on me. Blogging as become my routine for many years and taking that step back was a challenge. I've always been that person to just lurk in the sidelines and it's easy to go back doing that but I can't just leave for good.

I know this space will need to change to keep up with me. I don't identify as a 100% fashion blog. It'll be nice to revisit why I made this in the first place and make the necessary tweaks. I'm not hating on style blogging. It's nice but I've had to start over with a new wardrobe with little money and haven't been feeling pictures this cold season.For years my anxiety gave me heat flashes and I managed tanktops in Winter with no problem. Now I'm feeling more relaxed but with wearing 2-3 layers. I wear leggings under jeans and it's only California cold.

top- F21  skirt-ebay  earrings-hellyeahsweetnsour

I ordered this petite maxi skirt from China and the sizing is just perfect. I'm always worried things will never fit but this is stretchy and the correct length for a short person!!  I've been focusing on wearing more jewelry/accessories lately. I'm such a big collector and it's so wasteful not actually using any of it. These earrings are a recent buy from Hell Yeah Sweet n Sour:

I recently started to get back into a workout routine and I'm learning to use a Silhouette Cameo. I'll probably share more soon!!

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