Pretty Knit Bows

I decided to make these cute knit bows using the pattern from Knitted Fox Trot! I just put a bobby pin through it to secure it on. There's a picture of a pink one I made in crochet. :D

Oh! My hair is faded SFX Pimpin Purple if you're wondering. :)

The method for these curls are my go-to! 

Use a 1 1/4 curling iron on a medium setting, don't use the clamp and wrap each section of hair around. Hold for 10-20 seconds depending on the thickness.  Immediately twirl the hair and roll it up like you're doing pin curls. Secure in place! Do it all over, spray it if you like and wait 2-4 hours.  Bouncy curls that last 2-3 days!


  1. *>.<* Crissy you're so pretty! Those bows look so cute on you! The crochet bow looks great, I really like it. \\^_^//

    Hope you're having a super great weekend!

  2. These bows are super cute and they perfect in your colored hair!

    Superstition Vintage