Little Mermaid FOTD

Of course it had to be done. Little Mermaid inspired FOTD!

Ariel was my favorite princess >:3 I grew up watching the show and movies. I'm pretty sure the show still airs every so often at around 5am. Go watch Ariel's Beginning if you haven't already! It's a prequel and you find out what had happened to Ariel's mother.


Sleek's Pout Paint in Pin Up

Stocked up on some yarn during a 2 for $6 sale and my blogging absence is due to crocheting nonstop. I have some things lined up.  New creations, patterns and picture tutorials.  CRAFTY TIME!

I came across Craftsmart yarn for the first time. I'm giving the less soft & scratchy yarns a shot again. Only bought one skein to test it out. :)  I have something in mind that I'll like to attempt to make. I see this design in my head but..

1) Am I going to pull this off?  2) Will this become a free pattern?  3) Will people be too confused and flood my blog/email with questions?

Ahh! Going to try anyways.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

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