Cute Finds

Starry Eyed

Can I have the bow and the hair too?! I still want this aliens tote!

This is just too adorable! I love the mermaid :)

Mungo Crafts

These are hoodies are awesome. They look so comfy and soft!


I am loving all of these cute tiny fruit jewelry. There's lime , orange, watermelon and lemon too!

Mini Penny Vintage

I love this. I was hoping this was a dress but a skirt could be much more versatile anyways.

Lovely Girl Hearts

Princess Bubblegum cutie ♥

Ugly Plants

Can I go a post without featuring something Sailor Moon? Probably not. Donuts and Sailor Moon/Luna= yes. They also have an awesome Luna P 

I would really love this. It's kind of creepy haha

RadLove Vintage
How cool, right? I don't ever remember seeing one of these as a kid!

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