Cute Finds

1) Pegasus Jacket: This is awesome. It took a couple of keyword searches to find a link with *more* pictures!The downside of finding pretty things over Tumblr.

2) I love Corgi Butt: On my wishlist, of course

3) Teacup Full Of Puppies Brooch: There just isn't enough puppies on this blog. Or brooches.

4) Love, Teacup Kisses: Cute stickers! I love this one and the retro rockabilly cutie :D

5) We All Shine On Print: This would be cute for a space themed playroom!

6) Daisy Collar Clips: I'm already looking at some collar clips.. and these pastel blue flowers are perfect!

7) The Strawberry Lover's Bracelet: This is one of my favorites in the shop! The chocolate and vanilla bracelets are pretty cute as well.

8) Dragonair: Isn't that amazing? It looks so well made. There's tons more Pokemon in their shop and even Neopets! The Eeveelutions and Blastoise are worth checking out.

9) Egg Crop Top: I noticed the egg trend awhile back and it's nice to see it pop up again.

10) Ring Pop Brooch: This is pretty cute! I haven't had Ring Pops in SO long!

11)SugarTownStudio: One of my favorite polymer clay artists. I love seeing Vanessa's creations on instagram. Each cutie is made individually.. and it looks incredible.

12) Mungo Crafts: DIBS. I wish I could get this one. So perfect.  You can see the one I got here. It has the best fit for a hoodie.

Happy 1st of December!  :D

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  1. That egg crop top is killer!! You always have the most fun finds. Hope Santa reads this post, haha.


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