Blue & Pink hair with Luxury For Princess

Here is my new hair! This blue is so amazing and intense. Keeping forever, hopefully. These extensions are from Luxury For Princess. I ordered their Pearl Blonde 160 grams in a 22" length and decided to trim it to help blend.

A few months ago I got familiar with this brand by doing this dye job. I think it's pretty good quality for the price. I learned to conceal the bottom layer of my hair by twisting and pinning it in place.

Honestly I was put off on buying hair extensions for a long time because some brands were charging around $200 for a decent length and thickness. Plus there were just so many clips haha.  I do love having the option to go back to short. Maybe I should have cut all my hair off earlier and not damage my own hair!?

Turns out my Sally's didn't carry the new neon dyes! I never learn. :( This store always disappoints in person! I'm not sure if or when they will stock up but you can order them online here.

Luxury for Princess hair extensions
Rockabilly Blue and Ion Brights Sky Blue mixed together. Ion Brights Magenta at the ends!

Just a reminder that Rockabilly Blue is still pretty staining. My walls are blue. Don't touch your hair too much or you get blue hands. No joke. Why are the beautiful colors a pain in the butt? I'm honestly scared of the first shower. New hair

cropped top- forever21 skirt/shoes-charlotte russe

Where do you go to get some cheap cute tops? 

I'm on a tight budget so my first option is thrifting but I'm open to other options. I seriously only have crop tops and tank tops. Those run out so fast. Forever21 was my go-to but nearly everything was cropped. I love them but sometimes it's too short or cold. I just want a regular length top to cover my navel.

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