Colourpop Ultra Mattes

Colourpop was on my wishlist for a long time and I just never ordered any. I noticed that they had a coupon going on and that was the sign!!  I only own 3 lip products and none are even "crazy" colors. How boring, right?

These glide on like a gloss but dries extremely matte in a flash. It felt like a desert on my lips. There's no stickiness and it actually stayed on while I was eating. No lipstick transferring off and having to scrub stains off of cups!

The ultra mattes are Bumble, Avenue, Drive-In, Zipper, Be-Dazzled, Jellies and Dr. M!


I read the reviews to get a better idea of what would fit with my skin tone. They do have tons of beautiful colors for all skin colors!  I was nervous whether this would look okay on me but I was convinced to try after seeing Brooke wear it.  It's so pretty!


I've gotten to the point that I see purple as a normal color. I've never been into wearing pinks because well, my natural lip color is not like that at all!  I love how dark this color is and if you're wanting to try out something purple but toned down.. then go for Drive In!


These aren't a stain... luckily. My fiance won't be friends with me if it were.

I also dyed over my pink. I've used Arctic Fox for a month now and haven't noticed any fading with my usual methods! No more gross color fading at the roots. I'm sure it'll be amazing throughout the colder months. I'm planning to stick with this until both bottles run out. Unrealistic goals? Maybe.

Have you used Colourpop before? Any products or lip colors you'll recommend? :D

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