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Ion came out with pastel colors for their Brights dye last year. I never once thought I would ever buy any of those.   The consistently of these dyes are too thick by itself.  Added some conditioner with it for an easier and even application. As you can see... I only did half my hair.  I normally use 2 full tubes for my whole head but figured out quickly that it wasn't enough this time!

Not sure if it's because it's a pastel dye and it must be extra saturated to fully coat the hair?  I don't know, I'm a pastel hair noob. I've had this "in between" hair look for probably a week already. Good thing I love Cruella Del Vil hair!  I haven't seen this color combination before so it's just different.

dress- @10dollardressshop | shoes- payless

This print is something I normally wouldn't go after. But why not?! Sunflowers. I'll try it! I kind of dig the faded fabric but those straps need to be fixed and shortened.

I made the decision last month to "quit" my photography business. It felt inevitable. It's time to move on. It might happen later but I need to focus on a different path for now. I might do some side projects with photography with friends.
I'll love to hear experiences similar to mine. Quitting something and pursuing something different, did it work out for you?

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