Fading + Bleaching aftercare

This was my first attempt in actually going blonde. I am basically doing the same method for it from here except it won't be that easy. Red was the easiest color to fade but those blues/purples like to linger in my hair.  There's at least 6 months worth of depositing different dyes.

Hot showers with clarifying shampoo or sulfate shampoo will take out some vibrancy. Ashley has done a vitamin C mask to fade hair colors and it's pretty good by itself or with baking soda :D

I used clarifying shampoo and baking soda soaks for 30 minutes. Repeated the next day! It's super drying and a vinegar rinse afterwards is necessary to restore the pH.


I've never done pastel hair before but know it's best to get that even base all over.  All bleaching sessions used coconut oil and were diluted with shampoo. The first session took out most of the color and the second was targeted in the middle where this little rainbow stayed:  

What a pain in the butt! I had to wait a week before bleaching those green/pink bits and it still didn't fully come out. It's mostly blonde with a light tint

Ion Color Solutions Cool Blonde Conditioner 

I went for a toner conditioner instead of a shampoo or regular toner. Honestly can't see myself using a whole bottle of shampoo and I would prefer leaving something in my hair as a treatment.  I applied this on damp hair and left it in for 30 minutes.  The bright yellow on top turned to a light yellow.  I used this all up within a week and majority of the hair turned white blonde.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle in Moist & Strong

After bleaching the best conditioner to use will have silicone in it. It's a quick "fix". Normally I just use Aussie's 3 minute miracle for that. It's amazing.  I found out they recently came out with new ones here. I WANT THEM ALL.  The condition of my hair was a huge improvement after using the Strong one. I left it in for a hour.  I think I'm going to have to return to using silicone because I'm sucker for this brand :(  One bottle is under $3!!

What's your go to products for bleached hair?

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