New Pastel Hair

Most of the lavender came out after a cold rinse the other day. *Shakes fist* I love Ion Brights because it is usually a great (and inexpensive!) Too bad I haven't had good experiences with their red and lavender. The ends faded green and near the roots went a dark blonde. It's a pain in the butt since that blonde is too dark for lavender to even stick to.

I'm being lazy and I also don't want to bleach my roots. I even considered plopping a dark brown on top and doing a ombre look just to have a break.

1 hour fade session using this method and I used vitamin C capsules this time.. much easier! I was hoping this would remove a tad more of the green tint.

I tested pink on my bangs because I was curious.  I've never intentionally gone pink before (besides Pimpin Purple that faded quick). That was too much lol. I used all of my leftover dyes for it and this might be temporary until I want to actually spend money.

Since people ask me what dyes I use: **Just a reminder, you may not be able to replicate the same because my base was more silver than blonde**

Special Effects Burgundy Wine: diluted on top
SFX BW & Punky Blue Lagoon: diluted (more of a purple tint) at the ends
Punky Blue Lagoondiluted ~ random streaks

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