Launching our new store!

My goal was to make the website for our handmade shop, Tiny Moon! Everything is mostly up. Some pages need some extra information and the rest of the products will be added very soon :D I'm really into the simple layout and yassssss that slider!

Why would I do this if we have an Etsy already? Well, it's recommended to branch away once you get to a certain point. Their bills are becoming too high. Plus, I could list everything up on my website and not get charged for the listing. Too much fees are so draining.

Since October I've been working on building websites. Some of you know that I mostly just work on Blogger and stand alone HTML pages... no other platforms yet! I'm taking some courses while learning Wordpress and PHP. I'm a super noob. I already broke the website three times! I'm hoping it's fully up in about 1-2 weeks. BRING IT ON.

Also to add on the pressure and stress, we are considering getting a booth to our local anime convention. We received invites for cons in the past but we were just starting out with very little stock and wouldn't have made much profit. Now we have to make things in bulk for the holidays and double up right before May if we get accepted! It's kind of exciting to have that goal.

We added gift wrap options in our Store and Etsy for the holidays.

The coupon "MOONPOWER5OFF" works on both links and you can get $5 off if you spend $40!

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