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Let me tell you a story... Last weekend we had this perfect sunny day. I decided that this was a chance to dress up and get pictures done. We went out to this dirt open space area we drove by a couple of times. It was was covered with these tall yellow flowers. We walked through trying to find a good spot and I'm there wearing shorts (unfortunately) not aware of the surrounding prickly plants. I felt these plants hit against my legs and I believe I must have had a delayed reaction to it. We kept walking until suddenly my legs were on fire and broke out in hives. The worst of it all is that I was basically stranded haha. Those plants were tall as well and  had to take my second shirt to wear on my legs. First experience with stinging nettle. Tingling to stinging THEN teeny balls of fire. Horrible.

This place was a potential photo area. At least I didn't take a model out there! It's almost funny I experienced this so close to home and not once at ANY of our weekend hikes.

Top: eBay // Skirt: eBay // Necklace: eBay

I bought my first two crop tops recently. I have ALWAYS loved the look of it but wasn't sure if it was for me since I haven't seen it so much on busty ladies. Some look very small in length and I was worried that it may not cover me properly.  Plus I've never really had my stomach exposed before. Scary stuff. The other top is a batwing style. YEP. Unusual for me since every time that I see batwing tops I am: WHY. NO. WHAT IS THIS? Haha.

Way overdo for a new layout.  I came across a commissions post on tumblr and fell in love with Sophie's art! I chose a colored sketch because the style is amazingggg.  I based my layout around the colors and tried to keep it simple. Fixed up some pages and finally switched over to Passionfruit ads. Much easier.

 The header images and social media icons are from Anda!

I have been trying to do everything all at once and it's obviously not working. I have tons of things I'll like to do but first I must write it down and choose 1-3 at a time. I can't just focus on one project. I'm going to try to get my floral headband pattern up tonight or tomorrow. I just need to finish the PDF and get some photos taken before sunset.

I finally had time to go through some pictures from San Francisco. It's crazy to see that this was taken back in February. Hello Twin Peaks!  I'm not a fan of heights so this view made me feel uneasy.


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