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Decided to go ahead and start my final hair project. I wasn't a fan of the pink. It looks adorable on everyone else! I went to a salon (for the first time in 8 years ahhhh!) and had a friend do it. It's still so softies, can I never wash it again?! I love the feeling of freshly dyed hair.

A party is coming up this weekend that I needed a new dress for!  Who wants to be pinched for not wearing green?  Not me! >:(  There wasn't much of a selection of dresses at the thrift store but with some digging, I manged to find this one in the shirts rack.   The color really popped out to me. Not too green that it would make me feel Christmasy. I love wearing certain purples, greens and blues. Makes me feel like a mermaid!

It's my longest dress so far. I generally don't even consider wearing longer lengths to avoid looking much smaller than I already am. The boyfriend jokingly implied that I should've worn another dress in the store. I don't know if it was even a maxi dress but it was so long that it would drag and I would probably trip haha.

I'm such a liar, guys! I'll be posting up my ~~~secret~~~ floral headband pattern up tomorrow. I've been busy with an unexpected social life and photoshoot. Please head on over to see updates on my page.  Here's one peek. ♥ I am WAY too excited now that there's more sunlight and more opportunities for sunset shoots!

Happy Tuesday all! :)

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