Style: Blue Galaxy

Wig: eBay // Dress: Forever21 // Leggings: GoWithGalaxy // Boots: Doc Martens // Plugs: Plug Club

My newest addition to my slowly growing wig collection. It's shiny but it doesn't matter to me. I missed blue hair and this is so perfect! I'm in love with this color and how soft it is. I thought I couldn't get away with fooling people with this one but it had worked. 

I never thought of using a foam board as a backdrop. Might be fun to do a couple of lookbook style shoots this way. These are test shoots. I'm surprised how bright these came out to be in such a dim room! I finally ordered a wireless remote the other day. Don't know what took me so long! I'm hoping it arrives this month.

Eevee decided to sit model with me in a couple of shots. Such a cute calm puppy.. for once!

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