Forgotten Floral Dress

One of my forgotten outfits from summer. I never really got the chance to wear this dress out before I sold it. I went a little crazy buying floral dresses off of instagram years ago.  I'm down to my last pile for ebay and it's exciting to get rid of everything so I can have money for new things to wear.

I'm saving pictures of outfits to create some style boards. I am ALWAYS overwhelmed when I go thrifting for a new style. Grabbing anything that would look cute without even thinking whether it'll fit with my current wardrobe or not.  No more holding onto certain clothes anymore.

I can't help but lean towards outfits consisting of mostly black or maroon.  I'm finally no longer in between sizes and it's great to fill out where it's supposed to!  The dress above became a weird fit since I lost 5 inches from my bust.  No more popping buttons, tho?

My original plan was to create a fitness calendar for October and see if anyone would follow along. I've been too focused on courses and missed my chance.. so I'm trying for next month! It also seems like a fun idea to design a poster sort of thing.  I've always wanted to put together a group and make some change together. I've been kind of lacking. Who anyone be interested in this? Maybe as a monthly challenge?

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